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6 Tips for Setting Your 2014 New Years Resolution

Goodbye 2013...Hello 2014!  And with a new year comes a fresh start to make some changes in life. And for a lot of us making healthy lifestyle changes is on the list!  Effective goal-setting is the foundation to the success of making and keeping those healthy lifestyle changes.  So we've put together 6 basic elements to help you set your goals for 2014 and start the year off on the right foot.

6 Tips for a Successful New Years Resolution

1. Be Specific - Setting goals such as "working out more" or "eating better" are to general and don't have enough substance to keep you focused.  It is important that you define some very specific, detailed and measurable steps that will help you track your progress toward reaching these goals for the New Year.
Example: If you want to "exercise more" set the numbers of days per week you will work out, for how long and what will that activity be.  So you might say that you will workout every morning, 3 times per week, for at least 45 minutes and it will be either the elliptical or running outside. Creating a workout calendar is a great way to help track this goal.  Once you have completed the day's workout cross it off the calendar.  Then count the "X" at the end of the week to see if you have worked out 3 times that week.  It creates accountability and that is a wonderful way to stay on track. 

2. Make It Challenging - Your goal should be realistic and within your current abilities AND should also push you beyond where you currently are..  Now it would be unfair to say that after not working out for the past 6 months that you are going to run a full marathon in just 4 weeks.  It is important to set a reasonable long term goal with clear small steps that take you towards achieving success.   

Example: If running a race is a goal you'd like to set for yourself that's great!  Look online for one of the couch to 3K free training schedules.  This is a great way to try something new that is out of your comfort zone but also challenge you enough to stay motivated and on track.

3. Make Sure Your Goal is Attainable - This is a carry-over from the Challenging tip we mentioned above. Make sure what ever that challenging goal is - that is is achievable.  Don't set yourself up for failure by setting goals that are truly out of your current abilities.  You can always adjust your goals and set new ones as you make progress and successfully reach each step.  

Example:  Trying new exercise classes is a great way to keep your workouts fresh and motivating but taking a 75 minutes hot yoga class in a 108 degree room when you haven't been to the gym in 6 months and have never taken a yoga class before might be taking it too far.  It's ok to get your feet wet - try a beginner's yoga class and then when your are comfortable talk to the yoga instructor about trying a hot yoga class 

4. Set Deadlines - Goals need to have time-limits otherwise they will lose priority and fade away from your daily routine.  If you have set a long term goal that will take awhile to reach make sure you create short-term or intermediate-goals.  Setting these smaller goals will help that long-term goal seem less daunting and keep you focused and on track along the way.

Example: If your long-term goal is to lose a significant amount of weight over a year's time, make sure you set up smaller goals that serve at check points along the way.  That might be losing 1-2 pounds per week or losing "x" number of inches of body measurements.  Having these check points will keep you motivated and give you the ability to focus on the moment instead of the journey ahead.

5. Keep It Positive - Keep it up beat.  Instead of NOT doing things approach your goals from the stand-point of what you DO want to do.  

Example: If you want to reduce the amount of junk food you eat, use positive words when setting your goal.  Say you want to increase the healthy foods you keep in the house and be specific.  Make a list of healthy foods you want to add to your shopping list.  Post it in your pantry or on your fridge to keep you mindful of what you are eating.

6. Be Flexible - Keep in mind that setting goals are not set in stone.  Sometimes unforeseen circumstances come up in life and cause things to have to change.  The key is to be flexible...change...don't stop.  

Example: If sprain your ankle while working out find other ways to exercise.  Forgo the elliptical or running and focus on resistance training and just eliminate the exercising that involve the injured ankle.  Just make the necessary adjustments to work around the injury until things are better. The important things is to adjust to the situation and don't use it as an excuse to abandon your long-term plan.

The New Year is an excellent opportunity to make the positive changes you have been wanting to make.  But remember no one is perfect.  You will have good days and there will be days you will struggle.  Find a good support system.  Surround yourself with others that understand what you are working towards and willing to help - even people that have the same goal as you.  And don't beat yourself up if you have one of those bad days.  Remember what they say... Attitude is Everything.  And if you use these 6 tips for setting your New Years Resolution you will be well on your way to a healthier you in 2014!

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Meet TNT Health Educator Darnell Jones

Darnell Jones ~ TNT Health Educator, BS, CPT, CFI 

Darnell is a Health Educator with Total Nutrition Technology and has innate ability to successfully work with individuals on a personal level concerning their health and fitness goals. He believes that there is nothing better than educating and motivating someone to learn and grow into a healthier lifestyle.  Darnell took a few minutes to share why he loves his work and share some on his favorite tips on achieving a healthy lifestyle

"Customization is key!  Everyone is so different and deserves programs and services that are tailored specifically for them as it relates to reaching optimal health and fitness goals." ~ Darnell

Darnell's Top 5 Tips - 
1. Eat Breakfast every morning to jump start your metabolism
2. If you don't use it you will lose it: Be consistent in your routine no matter what the goal is.
3. Work Smarter not Harder: Learn your target heart rate zones so that you can train with a strategy
4. Correct form before results: Exercises are meant to be functional, make sure you are doing them right before adding heavy loads of weight and risking injuries.
5. Find a support group! Social interaction is a huge form of accountability. Find a workout partner or health educator that will assist you in staying on track throughout your journey.

***If you are in the South End area and would like to learn more about the products/services TNT offers, contact Darnell to see how he can help you realize your goal. or call 704-549-9550***

About Darnell 

Darnell Attended East Carolina and received Bachelors of Science in Exercise Physiology. Background in sports medicine as well as health and wellness promotion. 4 years as ACSM certified personal trainer. Group fitness exercise instructor and metabolic testing specialist. Polar Target Heart Rate Training certification.

Cranberry Cocktail Mealballs

Cranberry Cocktail meatballs

Makes 4 servings ( 4 meatballs each)
-1 lb lean ground beef                                                                                       -½ cup bread crumbs
-1 egg (or equivalent in egg substitute)                                                         -2 Tbsp water
-3 Tbsp minced onion                                                                                       - ¾ cup chili sauce
-1 (8 oz) can jellied cranberry sauce                                                              -1 ½ tsp lemon juice
-1 Tbsp Splenda® brown sugar


1)      Preheat oven to 350 degrees.
2)      In a large bowl, mix together the ground beef, egg, water, bread crumbs, and minced onion.
3)      Roll into small meatballs (about 1"x1").
4)      Bake in preheated oven for 20-25 minutes, turning once.
5)      In a slow cooker or large saucepan over low heat, blend the cranberry sauce, chili sauce, brown sugar and lemon juice.
6)      Add meatballs, and simmer for 1 hour before serving.
 Exchanges: ½ starch, ¼ fruit, 4 meats, ¼ fat            275 calories, 10 g carbohydrates, 33 g protein, 2 g fat

**Recipe from TNT's Get Lean - Get Fit - Get Cooking Cookbook...eBook coming soon!**

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Weigh your Brain and Eat Right Through The Holidays (FREE printable hunger scale chart)

FREE PRINTABLE - hunger scale chart - decide how full you are with this chart! (AWESOME resource for Christmas time!)
Well you made it!  You survived Thanksgiving…even if just by the skin of your teeth.  And if you’re anything like me you’re probably scrambling to get ready for Christmas.  The holidays can be a mix of celebration and stress!  And both of those can get healthy eating off track.  So it’s important to stay mindful of our eating especially through the holidays.
With so many sweet treats around us now 24/7, mindful eating can seem almost impossible.  Stack a hectic schedule and a little holiday stress on top of that and it can become the perfect food storm.  I can relate because I have battled with being an emotional eater and if I am not “mindful”, I can find myself gravitating to food when I am stressed, antsy and simply burning the candle at both ends.  So I wanted to share a little tip that I (and my clients) use to help keep eating in check…it’s a hunger scale.  A hunger scale chart is a wonderful way to help you listen to your body instead of your head before you eat.
If you can identify as an emotional eater, you are not alone.  We all eat for many reasons and being hungry isn’t always one of them.  Stress, anxiety, boredom, social influences, even exhaustion are just a few emotions that can drive us straight to food.  And holidays are the perfect time for these emotions to become elevated.  Using a hunger scale during this eating season is one of the best ways to keep the scale steady.

So when you find yourself standing in front of the refrigerator, over that plate of cookies or in the pantry looking for something to eat, first ask yourself…”Am I really hungry?”  This little graphic might help you answer that question…
If you decide it is more “emotional hunger”, find something to distract yourself or grab a bottle of water.  If it is “physical hunger”, see where you are on the hunger scale.   The goal with the hunger scale is to never start eating below a 3 and to stop eating when you are at a 6:

10           So full, you feel like you will bust
9              Full and Uncomfortable
8              Full
7              Starting to feel full
6              Slight feeling of fullness (good time to stop eating)
5              Neutral- feel energized and comfortable
4              Slight feeling of hunger (good time to eat)
3              Hungry (best not to drop below this)
2              Hungry and light headed
1              So hungry you feel shaky and can’t think straight
                (will be hard to make healthy food choices, watch portions and eat slow)

Remember, it takes the body 15-20 minutes to feel full or satisfied.  Eating slowly and pausing frequently can be helpful in figuring out when you need to stop eating to reach the feeling of 6 after a meal. I like to keep a copy handy of the hunger scale in thekitchen on my fridge and a copy in my purse.  Keeping it handy helps me remember to use it.
You may find that using a tool like this feels a bit foreign at first, especially during the holiday season, and that’s okay.  The key is to be mindful of why you are eating as well as what and how much you are eating.
Here is a simple, easy to use HUNGER SCALE for you to print and start using today.
Let us know how it works for you!

Angela Wilkinson President & Founder BS, DTR, PLSN

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