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Meet TNT Health Educator Ana Miller

Ana Miller - Total Nutrition Technology Health Educator

Ana is a Health Educator with Total Nutrition Technology and has been putting her expertise and enthusiasm for nutrition to use to help others learn how to reach their health and fitness goals. Ana earned her Bachelor of Science in Psychology from Louisiana State University, and her Master of Arts in Psychology from Southeastern Louisiana University. She is also a Certified Personal Trainer with the American College of Sports and Medicine, and has experience with one-on-one and group training. Before moving to North Carolina, Ana spent six years as a clinical researcher at Pennington Biomedical Research Center (Baton Rouge, LA), where she accumulated extensive experience in behavioral interventions to modify food intake, body weight, and physical activity. She believes that we all get one shot at life and we get one body for the journey. While we can’t choose our genetics, we can choose what we do with the bodies that we’ve been given. Life can be so crazy, but we always have the choice to pursue health and take care of our bodies. Ana started working with TNT to help others do just that – pursue health, one choice at a time. 
I love working with my TNT clients because, at the end of the day and regardless of their specific goals, I get the opportunity to help my clients work toward their fullest potential by taking care of their bodies. Helping someone be their best self is incredibly meaningful! - Ana

Ana's Top 5 Tips:
1. Pack your (healthy) snacks each day like you are going on a long road trip - being prepared while out and about is key! You can also bring them home if you don't need to eat them.
2. Use your food journal to identify the most challenging part of your day (or week). Is it difficult to get breakfast in? Maybe its midafternoon munchies? Weekends rough? The journal is such a useful tool to identify those challenges so you can zero in on what it takes to make those challenges your successes!
3. Water water water! Always more water -- and out TNT Infuser Water Bottle is my absolute FAVORITE!  Adds a flavor explosion to boring plain water!
4. Plan your workout at the time of the day that you need the biggest mental recharge, not just physical! If you are present mentally, your physical gains will be exponentially greater!
5. Schedule a time in your calendar each week for grocery and food prep. You would never skip an appointment with a doctor, or a work meeting, so apply that same level of importance to your grocery and food prep - make that appointment with yourself, keep it, and get a handle on your week before it even begins!

TNT offers a wonderful opportunity for clients to work with their Health Educators in-person and remotely via phone and Skype or Facetime.  Contact Ana to learn more about this and the products/services TNT offers.  Ana is ready to help you realize your health and fitness goals. or call 704-549-9550

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Jack LeLanne -- Happy 100th Birthday!

Jack LaLanne is know to many.  He was an iconic fitness guru that forged a movement that opened people's eyes to the benefits of health and fitness.  In addition to being an American fitness, exercise, and nutritional expert, LaLanne was a motivational speaker and inventor.  LaLanne described himself as a sugar junkie and junk food addict until his life changed at the age of 15 when he attended a lecture by nutritionist Paul Bragg.
He never looked back after that moment and LaLanne went on to become know as one of the most influential architects of the fitness movement we know today.  He actually opened the first gym in North America in 1936 and was the creator of the very first leg press machine (you will see it in the trailer below).  These are just a couple of his many contributions.  Jack LeLanne would have turned 100 years old this past September and to honor his legacy, TriStar Products put together an amazing documentary on this iconic man called Anything is Possible
If you have a love for fitness, exercise, nutrition -- all things health and wellness and then take 6 minutes and watch this short trailer.  You'll be glad you did!

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61 Push-up in 60 Seconds - - - While Balancing on Medicine Balls!

April Calderon broke the world record for the most push-ups in one minute--all while balancing on 3 medicine balls. That's right folks... 61 push-ups in 60 seconds -- all while balancing on 3 medicine balls!  Watch her triumph and then get out there to conquer your own biggest fitness goals!

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Meet TNT Registered Dietitian & Nutritionist Janet Dukowski

Janet Dukowski ~ TNT Registered Dietitian & Nutritionist
Mount Island and On-Site Corporate Wellness

Janet is a Registered Dietitian and Nutritionist with Total Nutrition Technology and moved to Charlotte, NC from Vancouver, BC, Canada in October 2013. Janet completed her dietetic internship at Vancouver’s largest hospital and was hired as a Clinical Dietitian in the same hospital at the end of her internship. She gained experience and knowledge in medical nutrition therapy in the areas of Diabetes management, weight loss, heart health, and many more. Janet also helped develop a recipe book for the Canadian men’s soccer team to use while travelling abroad for competitions titled “Nutrition on the Road – A Guide to Fun, Healthy and Optimal Nutrition Away from Home”.

"TNT allows me to combine my knowledge with my passions: I am passionate about food and nutrition and love sharing my knowledge with my clients. I strongly believe in using real food – not fad diets - to help my clients achieve their health and wellness goals in a sustainable way. My goal is to help my clients prevent chronic disease, improve their quality of life, and learn how to obtain a healthy relationship with food."  ~ Janet

Janet is also passionate about physical fitness, and spends much of her spare time road cycling. Since moving to Charlotte, she has completed races in the mountains, including Beech Mountain Metric and Blood Sweat and Gears, as well as charity rides like 24 Hours of Booty. In addition, she is a credentialed RD with Blue Cross Blue Shield. For all of you with BCBS insurance, you may be covered at 100% for unlimited nutrition visits with Janet! 

Janet's Top 5 Tips:
  1. Balanced meals for proper nutrition and portion control: 1/2 plate of brightly colored fruit and vegetables, 1/4 plate lean meat, chicken, fish, or meat alternative, and 1/4 plate of grain or starchy vegetable.  Add 1 cup of dairy or alternative on the side for the ultimate meal.
  2. Read food labels, and always start by reading the serving size - most processed foods will have small serving sizes compared to what you actually eat.  Food companies need the numbers to look good for their "health claims".
  3. If 30 minutes of moderate intensity activity seems overwhelming to start, break it down to 3 sessions of 10 minutes each.  You will still reap most of the benefits as doing 30 minutes all at one time, and it's much better than doing no activity at all.
  4. Planning ahead is the key to success.  It may take more time to meal plan, shop, prepare, and cook, but the health benefits are long lasting.
  5. Willpower can only take you so far.  Avoid it by keeping tempting food out of the house, asking co-workers to keep it out of sight at work, taking the long route home to avoid your favorite fast food restaurant, and stocking your fridge and pantry full of ready-to-eat healthy foods.  If all else fails, try brushing your teeth - it can be used as a distraction technique as well as a way of making even the most tempting of treats taste awful.  ;)
If you are in the Mountain Island area and would like to learn more about the products and services TNT offers, contact Janet to see how she can help you realize your goals. 

To learn more, contact: or call 704-549-9550

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Total Nutrition Technology Holds Diabetes Management Workshop

Total Nutrition Technology Holds Diabetes Management Workshop

CHARLOTTE, NC (October 14, 2014) - - Over the last several years, the prevalence of diabetes has increased, putting Charlotte right on the edge of the diabetes belt. As the seventh leading cause of death in the United States, diabetes is a growing problem and not managing the disease properly can lead to a great number of serious health problems. Total Nutrition Technology (TNT), a company specializing in helping people lose weight, manage their health and enhance their sports performance, is giving people living with diabetes the tools to manage the disease and live a healthy life through a 6-week Diabetes Management Workshop starting Tuesday, October 28, 2014 from 6:30 p.m. – 7:30 p.m. at Total Nutrition Technology’s University area location – 10130 Mallard Creek Road, Charlotte, NC 28262. 

The workshop will be held each consecutive Tuesday and will cover the following topics:
  • Understanding diabetes and its effect on the body
  • Effectively managing blood sugar
  • A healthy diet for blood sugar control and weight management
  • Exercise recommendations
  • Lab values: Which ones you need to know and what they mean
  • Important questions to ask your doctor 

“Almost 10 percent of our population has some form of diabetes,” said Annie Goldsmith, RD, LDN health educator with TNT. “Without proper management, diabetes can lead to serious health problems. However, while diabetes may be life altering, you can still live a normal, healthy life. Our goal is to teach people how to properly manage their diabetes and empower them with the knowledge and skills they need to prevent any complications down the road.”

TNT’s Diabetes Management Workshop will be led by Annie Goldsmith, RD, LDN and is $299 for the 6-week course, but is an eligible Blue Cross and Blue Shield covered program with certain insurance plans.

To register or determine insurance eligibility, call (704) 549-9550 or email

About Total Nutrition Technology
Celebrating more than 20 years in business, Total Nutrition Technology provides comprehensive nutrition and exercise programs for individuals interested in achieving optimal health and specific sports performance goals. In addition to sports nutrition, they also offer specialty programs that target unique health needs for youth, pregnant and nursing moms, adults 50+, professional athletes and corporate businesses wanting to improve the health of their workforce. Total Nutrition Technology has multiple locations in the Charlotte, NC metro area and licenses its proprietary program to health professionals across the country. Thanks to online technology, Total Nutrition Technology health educators are also able to help clients across the U.S. with their health goals. For more information, visit or call (704) 549-9550.


Angela Wilkinson, DTR
Total Nutrition Technology, president and founder
(704) 591-3333

Mexican Stuffed Peppers

For years Total Nutrition Technology has been collecting and perfecting a group of recipes that simply take the guess workout out of eating healthy! TNT's Get Lean Get Fit Get Cooking is delicious proof that eating healthy doesn't mean you have to give up your favorite recipes. 

This Mexican Stuffed Peppers recipe is packed with flavor and is definitely a family favorite!

Mexican Stuffed Peppers
Makes 5 Servings 

Exchanges: 1 1/3 vegetables; 3½ meats; 2¾ starches

- 4-5 green peppers 
- 1 Lb lean ground turkey or ground turkey breast 
- ¾ cup dry cornbread-dressing mix 
- 1 medium onion, diced 
- 1 cup brown rice 
- ½ tsp chili powder 
- ¼ tsp cumin 
- 1 can (15-oz) enchilada sauce, divided 
- 1 can (4-oz) green chilies 
- 2 egg whites 


1) Preheat oven to 350°F and spray baking dish with cooking spray, set aside. 

2) Bring pot of water to a boil. Cut tops of green peppers off and clean the insides. Pierce the bottom of each pepper. Boil peppers for 10 minutes or until tender. 

3) Combine turkey, cornbread, onion, rice, chili powder, cumin, ½ can enchilada sauce, chilies, and egg whites. Stir until well mixed. Place ¼ of the mixture into each bell pepper. 

1) Place each stuffed pepper into the baking dish and bake for 1 hour and 10 minutes. Pour remaining enchilada sauce over stuffed peppers and bake for 5 more minutes. Enjoy! 


If you'd like to enjoy more healthy recipes like this one, check out TNT's Get Lean Get Fit Get Cooking eCookbook available for immediate download here.

About Get Lean Get Fit Get Cooking:
A collaboration of client and health educator “all-time” favorite recipes collected over the past 21 years, this cookbook is packed with over 80 recipes...making it so easy to enjoy healthy meals with family and friends. An added feature: all recipes have been tagged with exchange values to help take the guess work out of your cooking.

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The Ultimate Guide to Nuts

Greatist puts together some pretty great infographics and this was one we just had to share.  It provides a great breakdown of both nuts and seeds; from their nutritional benefits to calories per serving.  Use our social media buttons on the right side of your screen and Pin It or SHARE it so you can refer back to all this great information!

Get health and fitness tips at

Meet TNT Health Educator Nate Questelle

Health Educator
Corporate Manager for SC

"The human body is AMAZING! Given proper rest, nutrition, & training it will heal itself." ~ Nate

Originally from Eldorado, IL, he comes from a family of fitness enthusiasts and accomplished athletes. Nate’s background is in Nursing. After receiving his BSN from Southeastern Missouri State in 1995, where he was a 4 years starter as middle linebacker and served as captain on the SEMO Indian football team, and first varsity letterman to graduate with a bachelors degree in nursing, he moved into his first nursing position at Harrisburg Medical Center in Harrisburg, IL. After a year working on Medical Telemetry floor he began pursing a career as a “travel nurse”. For the next few years he worked throughout the US on 13 week assignments at various hospitals progressing from Med TELE to ICU/ER. His choice of location was always centered around his love for outdoor activities. So Colorado for the winter and snowboarding and spring in the mountains of Tennessee to mountain bike. His final travel assignment landed him in Rock Hill, SC. This area had great access to the ocean as well as the mountains and offered him a great opportunity to expand his horizons, professionally, spiritually, and recreationally. 

In March of 2002 he and a former colleague went into the healthcare staffing, or travel nursing, business for themselves. They formed Independent Healthcare Staffing, Inc. Over the next 10 years he grew the business into a nationwide company providing healthcare workers through all 50 states. In January of 2010 he and his partner sold the company in the hopes of perusing new interests. Over the next two years, while being contractually bound to the new ownership group Nate began to increase his knowledge base and interest in the field of Health Coaching by attending seminars and webinars and becoming a certified personal trainer through ASFA. 

Always being very active as an avid cyclist, runner, hiker and snowboarder the field of preventative health seemed to be exactly where he was headed. The idea that the human body, if given the proper nutrition, exercise, and opportunity, could be safe guarded from many of the diseases and debilitating effects of aging is what drove him into the nursing field in the first place. He now has an opportunity to work with TNT, expand his knowledge and the TNT's corporate Wellness Programs.

Nate's Top 5 Tips:
1. You can't get better if you never recover
2. Wellness is a societal issue!
3. Good Fats are good for you
4. Lift something heavy
5. WALK...outside...often

If you are in South Carolina and would like to learn more about the products and services TNT offers, contact Nate to see how he can help you realize your goal.  Nate also offers On-Site Corporate Wellness programs available for local businesses in the South Carolina area. 

To learn more, contact: or call 704-549-9550

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Meet TNT Health Educator Brock Murray

Brock Murray ~ TNT Health Educator
ACSM Health & Fitness Specialist 
Mount Island

Brock holds a Bachelors degree in Exercise Sports Science from UNC Charlotte and is a Certified Personal Trainer with over 10 years in the fitness industry. As an athlete, he understood early on that his performance improved as he improved my nutrition practice. And now as a father Brock realizes the complexities that arise as he chooses healthier options for his family. Brock's understanding of the science of nutrition combined with the unique coaching strategies he employs for his clients helps them begin to view nutrition in a new manner. With simple changes in their menu and straightforward coaching, Brock makes it effortless for his clients to develop a better nutritional program their entire family can benefit from. His clients’ new perspective allows them to achieve goals once thought of as impossible. 

Brock's Top 5 Tips - 

1. Quinoa, Quinoa, and Quinoa. Learn to love it..
2. When in doubt, VEG out..
3. Red Wine is a gateway alcohol. It often leads to bad nutrition.
4. Proper Planning Prevents Poor Performance

If you are in the Mountain Island area and would like to learn more about the products and services TNT offers, contact Brock to see how he can help you realize your goal. 

To learn more, contact: or call 704-549-9550

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