Total Nutrition Technology
Monday, October 14, 2013

Total Nutrition Technology Founder ~ Angela Wilkinson

Angela's passion for sharing everything she knows about living a healthy life is evident – she strongly believes that good health is contagious and she loves spreading it! 

Here are 2 fast fit tips Angela shares to help others during their weight loss journey:
  1. 1. Watch out for those BLTs...Bites, Licks & Tastes!  They can quickly add up unaccounted calories at the end of each day.

  2. 2. No will Power? No worries.  Instead focus on developing "skill power".  Skill power will act as your armor helping you make the right choices.  Once you develop this skill achieving your goals will be a reality!

A little about TNT Founder Angela Wilkinson:
Angela developed a passion for living healthy after dealing with some personal struggles with her own weight and body image.  It took a lot of hard work and education about food and her body but she found that passion for being healthy.  That’s right, not a passion for being ‘skinny’, a passion for being healthy!  And that journey inspired her to want to help others do the same.  In 1993 that passion became the start of Total Nutrition Technology (TNT).  And for the past 21 years TNT has been promoting wellness through personalized nutrition and fitness programs on an individual and group basis throughout the country with clients ranging from adolescents to professional athletes. 

Angela enjoys maintaining her healthy lifestyle by participating in weekly activities such as cycling, running, hiking and weight training. She is happily married with two young beautiful children.  

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