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Monday, January 27, 2014

By: TNT Health Educator - Stacey Gretka
Part 1 of 5

Let’s be honest for a moment: most of you have said, “this year, I am finally going to get in shape.”  How many of you have had to make that resolution more than once? How many of you have achieved that resolution and yet have had to make it again this year? You’re not alone. And if we’re still being honest, figuring out where to start is most likely the hardest part about that goal. How many Facebook comments have I seen asking, “Has anyone tried x?” or “Who knows the best way to lose weight?” or “What gym do you recommend in this area?” And so on. I’m going to provide a quick review for you of several health and fitness products/programs so you can make an educated decision for your resolution this year. There’s one catch though: I’m reviewing these to help you find the one that will ensure you will never need to make this resolution. Ever again. 

First, let me start by saying almost any diet will work for weight loss if you can stick to it. Almost any muscle building regimen will add the bulk you’re seeking if you can push through it. Almost any statin can lower your cholesterol if you want to keep taking it. But very few of the above options create a healthier body in the process of achievement, and even fewer allow you to maintain your newer body for life. So don’t mistake me, if you wish to find a quick fix that you’re planning on dumping money into time and again, most options will work for you, and this article isn’t really going to help you. If however, you are looking for a permanent solution to your health goals, read on, my friend.

The Book Attempt: Way too many examples to list
The Good: There is something for everyone and you can read their research before taking action.
The Bad: When you pay for the book, you send them the undeniable message that you support their diet plan whether you do or not. And not to be overlooked, but just about anyone can write a book and spread their claims, with or without truth.
The Ugly: Even the legitimately researched diets lack one HUGE component – there is no support or customization to the reader. Who is going to tell you to read the next chapter? And who’s going to answer your questions – you’re bound to have some? And most importantly, who’s to say that this person who wrote this book had you, in all of your uniqueness, in mind? 

The Group Approach: Weight Watchers/LA Weight Loss/Jenny Craig
The Good: You’ve got a support team! A lot of people are going through the same thing you are, and it’s great to have people to share/trade stories and secrets with. In fact, for women, sharing your resolution with someone majorly increases your chances of succeeding! 
The Bad: They tend to be pricey and often create a sense of dependence on their services. Many of them develop their own counting systems where you have to rely on their products (or get a calculator to figure out the conversion) for food and drink. What happens if you do reach your goal? Do you have to use their products forever to maintain?
The Ugly: The focus is on weight loss. What if you are looking to gain some muscle tone, too? If you’re doing it right, there will be some weeks when the scale doesn’t budge, but your pants are way looser and you can finally open that pickle jar. In some of these programs, you’ll still be responsible for paying per pound! Other measures of success are often overlooked in these group programs, too. Sometimes their goal is to get as many people in the program at one time so they can make as much money as possible per hour, which means you’re not likely to get one-on-one attention should your goal be different than the person sitting next to you.

Be sure to check back tomorrow when we talk about Elimination Diets: Paleo/Whole-30/Wheat Belly and Fad Diets: Fast Diet/Sacred Heart Diet/HCG Shots!

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