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Sunday, February 2, 2014

By: TNT Health Educator - Stacey Gretka
Part 4 of 5

Today we are going to take a look at cleanses/detoxs and mail-in meals.  Both popular option on the market these days.  But are the the best choice for success?  Can they become permanent lifestyle changes for you?  Well let's break down the good, the bad and the ugly!

Cleanse & Detox
The Good: They truly can jump start your health expedition. By removing any “clogs” in the system, a short cleanse really can help freshen the body and give you a clean slate. 
The Bad: That’s where they end. A cleanse is meant to be short, and your eating patterns after the cleanse need to change, or you’ll see either no results or a very miniscule change. Many people find that withholding from certain foods during a detox is too tough, and they end up binging afterwards, gaining even more weight than they lost to begin with. Oh, and keep in mind that the way a cleanse works means you’ll be in the bathroom for most of the time you’re undergoing the “magic” of detoxification.
The Ugly: A cleanse or detox actually causes your body to “flush” its cells (good) and its intestines (good and bad). Anything that was backed up, is likely to come out, but so is all of the good intestinal bacteria, called flora. That flora is responsible for protecting your intestinal lining and moving food particles along. Without it, eating solid foods not only becomes a painfully slow process, but can also scratch or bruise the lining, the resulting inflammation is commonly called diverticulitis. Furthermore, in many cases, the immediate weight loss results are actually just a result of becoming grossly dehydrated. Dehydration prevents further weight loss and makes gaining muscle incredibly challenging. If your goal is to lower your blood pressure or cholesterol, dehydration also works against you, making it very hard for good nutrients and medications to get to where they need to go. 

Mail-In Meals: Nutrisystem/Jenny Craig

The Good: They are easy! There is just about nothing easier than having a professional make your food for you. Some people even admit to liking the taste of these.
The Bad: Most people complain the taste is not good, and keeping normally refrigerated foods in the pantry also seems to concern buyers. What is IN them that they can stay in the pantry like that? 
The Ugly: You will absolutely lose weight on a mail-in food plan if you have the opportunity to consult with one of their professionals and ensure you are getting on an appropriate caloric level. However, you will always be dependent on them mailing your food. Because they use volumetrics over portion control, and fancy science (chemicals and processes to change the way the food tastes and is digested), you’ll be hard pressed to find a good life balance once you’ve reached your goal weight. From this program alone, you won’t have learned how to order out when dining with friends, or how to prepare real food from a grocery store. You’ll soon find yourself sinking a lot of money into something really could learn to do on your own.

Well we have looked at a lot of information over this series and I hope you have found it to be informative.  Tomorrow, we are going to talk about working with a Health Educator and how they can be the key to your permanent success to living a healthy and happy lifestyle.  Be sure to tune in tomorrow!

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