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Friday, May 16, 2014

If bathing suit time has you longing for the days of cold weather and snowstorms then maybe it's time to get your abs in summer shape. Combining regular exercise with a healthy diet will have your abs ready for pool time before the holiday fireworks hit the skies.  This 3 minute belly-busting workout will get you well on your way. 

And if you really want to steps things up, combine these moves with another 3 minutes of cardio.  After every two exercises add in one minute each of mountain climbers, burpees, and jumping jacks.  Be sure to have a pair of three- to five-pound dumbbells handy.

FITNESS Magazine suggests doing the workout three times a week and you'll be flashing some navel in no time.

The Moves:
1. Scissors Crunch - 30 reps; switch sides and repeat.
2. Ballerina Abs - 10 reps; switch sides and repeat.
3. Kneeling Side Crunch - 30 reps; switch sides and repeat.
4. Stir the Pot - 10 circles clockwise; switch directions and repeat.
5. Frog Lift - 12 pulses
6. Side Plank Cancan15 reps; switch sides and repeat.
7. Rocking Raise - 30 reps; switch sides and repeat.
8. Cheerleader - 20 reps; switch sides and repeat

What is your favorite belly-busting move to do at the gym?

The full article from FITNESS Magazine is available here:

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