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Thursday, August 21, 2014

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On to Day 2...

2. Involve your new addition(s) 
Have you ever heard the old adage, if you pick up a calf every day from the day it was born, by the time it’s an adult you’ll be able to lift a full-grown cow? No? Maybe I made it up – point is,lift your kids! They’re the best “free” weights around, and they keep increasing in weight without you having to change a disk or buy a new set! Plus, they love it.

It’s just part of our play time for me to sit on my bottom, pick up either my preschooler or my infant and rock back onto my back while I lift them in the air. Again, Mommy, again! They’re giggling fiercely, I’m smiling ear to ear, and my abs, shoulders, and chest are on fire. Your workouts don’t have to be formal, but if one of your goals, like mine, is to raise healthy kids,then leading by example and including them in your activities is an absolute must.

3. Increase your NEAT. 
NEAT =non-exercise activity thermogenesis. At least 70% of your caloric output every day is from regular, old lifestyle motions. From chewing, to brushing your teeth, to standing to cleaning to watching tv, everything you do requires energy and energy is measured in calories (like length is measured in inches).

So how can I increase my caloric output? 
Increase the energy required to do every day things!
I do not brush teeth standing still – perfect opportunity for calf raises.
Do you think I’m sitting right now typing this? 
No way! I’m actually standing on one foot (like tree position in yoga but with my hands typing)!
I do one-legged squats while I shave my legs (caution: good balance required).
I do lunges through my bathroom to my closet.
I lift the kids and myself over the baby gates instead of opening them.
And I try and do everything with gusto! 

The more energy required to do whatever I’m doing, the more calories I’m burning without ever having to take the time (and totally unnecessary but real mommy guilt) to find someone to watch my kids, drive to the gym, pray there is a group class I like, drive home, pray I can take a shower, and resume life.
Don’t get me wrong, there is a lot of benefit to a formal workout, and if my goal was to be the next #mightykacy then I’d have no choice. But my goals are… well, I already listed those above. As an added bonus, TNT puts out fun one-month challenges that I can do in about 5-15 minutes before I hop in bed at night. I can spare that. You can find them here.   (here’s an example):

guns challenge

Come back tomorrow for my final two ways to get your body back after having your baby!

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