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Monday, November 3, 2014

Identifying the most common reasons WHY you eat can go along way when determining how you can successfully meet your weight-loss goals or simply maintain a healthy weight.  See if you fall into one of these 8 types of eaters. 


1. The Careful Eater – Preoccupation with fitness and health
Appears to be the perfect eater, yet anguishes over every food morsel and its effect on the body. On the surface, this person seems health and fitness oriented.

2. The Unconscious Eater - Multitasking
This person is often unaware that she/he is eating, or how much. To sit down and simply eat is often viewed as a waste of time. Eating is usually paired with another activity to be productive. 

3. The Chaotic Unconscious Eater – Overscheduled life
This person’s eating style is haphazard – gulp and go when food is available. Thrives on always being busy.

4. The Refuse-Not Unconscious Eater – Eats because food is present
This person is especially vulnerable to candy jars, food present in meetings or sitting openly on the kitchen counter. This person is also susceptible to social situations and easily influenced by the eating behaviors of those around them.

5. The Waste-Not Unconscious Eater – Member of the clean plate club
This person’s eating is often driven by the value of the food dollar and is susceptible to buffets and free food. And/or, this person hates to see food go to waste, so would rather eat to uncomfortable fullness rather than throw food away.

6. The Emotional Unconscious Eater – Triggered by uncomfortable emotions
Uncomfortable feelings – stress, anxiety, boredom – trigger eating, especially when alone.

7. The Professional Dieter – Black and white thinking
This person has tried every diet in the book, and has seen his or her weight go up and down over the years. The professional dieter is either on a diet (being “good”) or off (being “bad”)

8. The Intuitive Eater – Responds to biological hunger cues
This person makes food choices without experiencing guilt or an ethical dilemma. Honors hunger, respects fullness, enjoys the pleasure of eating.

Realistically, everyone probably falls into a variety of these types to one degree or another.  And your type may even change over time.  But if you had to pick just one type that best fits you, what would it be?

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Source: Intuitive Eating: A revolutionary program that works, by Evelyn Tribole and Elyse Resch. 2003.

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