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Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Ha! If it were only this easy! Navigating through the holidays can be challenging when you are trying to stay on track to reaching your healthy lifestyle goals but we have 12 tips for you to help you maintain throughout the holiday season:

1) Balance your meals 

2) Eat a healthy breakfast every day, and especially on the day you are going to eat a lot. Don’t starve yourself. You will only eat more at the meal. 

3) If you don’t love what is in front of you, don’t eat it! Save that for the really special treats. 

4) Track your food every day 

5) Regift your food! 

6) Review your weight loss goal every day. Think how you will feel after the new year if you have not gained weight. 

7) If you overindulge, don’t feel guilty. Get back on track. 

8) Keep healthy snacks on hand at all times. 

9) Keep moving. Add exercise whenever possible 

10) Set those saboteurs straight. Make sure people know about your maintenance plan. Tell them you are doing it for health reasons 

11) Gauge your weight by how your clothes are fitting. 

12) Create healthier versions of the food you love.

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