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Tuesday, February 10, 2015

By: TNT Health Educator: Stacey Gretka

A Zoodler is a necessary kitchen gadget you not only didn’t know you needed, but likely didn’t known existed. The term comes from combining the words “zucchini” with “noodle” and the resulting device does exactly that: turns zucchini (or other vegetables) into noodles (or spiral shapes). Suddenly you can take your favorite dishes to a new, and healthier, level - spaghetti & stir fry, soups & salads, garnishes & more!

We’ve tested quite a few Zoodlers, and have to admit that typically speaking they can be either too flimsy or way too involved. The bulkier, countertop-style units are hard to justify for any non-vegetarian kitchen where a Zoodler will be used once per week rather than daily. And the flimsy units won’t stand up in a dishwasher or against a super fresh carrot. The original method of using a standard vegetable peeler or paring knife is simply not all that safe. In walks SpiraLife. The SpiraLife Zoodler is a handheld device that offers two different cutting options simply by flipping the unit over. The removable lid doubles as a veggie holder when you’re getting close to the end, which happens surprisingly quickly and easily, I might add. 

I mentioned that dishwasher-safe is an important feature in our household and the SpiraLife is not only dishwasher-safe, but it came with an absolutely adorable mini brush for cleaning the bits and pieces from the blade. 

Now, what does one do with zucchini noodles? Well, that’s up to you, but I merely bulked up a formerly starch-heavy meal, by swapping out half of my whole wheat pasta for zucchini noodles – a seamless, family-friendly option. You can make an entire meal of veggie noodles, or garnish a salad with beautiful veggie flowers. It’s really up to you. Regardless, we were impressed with the ease of use of this small, affordable, and durable veggie noodle maker.  And we also love their commitment to quality and customer service.  The SpiraLife is backed by a Lifetime No-Hassle Replacement Guarantee!

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