Total Nutrition Technology
Friday, March 6, 2015

Flip Your … Run, Workout, World – that’s the slogan for the newest gear in the fitness world: the FlipBelt by Level. It’s touted as a stylish, effective solution to the lack of pockets on workout clothing, and Total Nutrition Technology’s team has put these claims to the test. We studied the FlipBelt in three different settings to best reenact the various ways our clients might desire to use this incredibly unique device: during a run, a yoga class, and a plain old trip to the grocery store. 

The single tubular pocket made of a stretchy, sweat-wicking fabric comes in a wide array of colors, though we tested their “Carbon” color because of its gender-neutrality, and universally matching-ness (yes, that’s officially a word now). Incredibly easy to don, you just step in and pull up, I noticed right away the fit was perfectly snug without being uncomfortable. There are four small slots running horizontally along the band through which you can start stuffing! Thoughtfully, the FlipBelt does include a key hook for your keys as well. I learned very quickly, though, that the more you put in, the bulkier the look. I settled, vainly, for a smaller version of my key ring (the house key and car fob), my Driver’s license, my debit card, and my phone. 

Remarkably, this was still snug against my body with no jingly keys during the run, and virtually no weight. In fact, during the grocery trip, I completely forgot I was wearing the FlipBelt and nearly panicked at the checkout looking for my purse. Retrieving my card, once I remembered where it was, was no great feat (thank goodness). 

The downside? While this is more of a personal preference, the updated, intensely more stylish fanny pack is a tough call for smart phones. During the yoga class, some moves were challenging with the bulk of my Galaxy S3, and I immediately began worrying for my iPhone 6 using friends. Then the hard truth popped in: how many of us are using our phones during yoga class? It was no great concern of mine to set my phone next to the mat or inside my shoes while I went to pretzel-town. And after I woke up from corpse, I just rolled up my mat, stuffed the phone in the Belt, slipped on my shoes and namaste’d out of there. 

Here at TNT, we’re always on the search for the absolute best ways to make the lives of our clients (and fellow fit peeps) easier. While there was the minor draw back regarding the phones, we still give FlipBelt by Level an A- and we’re certain you’ll be pleased with your purchase. Not to mention, the price point makes it a #nofail solution for the epidemic of form-fitting, pocket-less workout attire!

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