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Friday, May 15, 2015

Everyone knows that attending social events can be particularly challenging when you are working on reaching your health and wellness goals. Combine a relaxed atmosphere, not-so-healthy foods, alcohol, and a little peer pressure and what do you get? A recipe for nutrition disaster. But have no fear! Here are so savvy ways to sip your way to a healthier you!

1. Be sure to have a healthy and filling snack before attending an event. It 

2. If you must drink, be smart about your portions. Wine is 5oz, beer 

3. Know your drinks! Choose a lower calorie version to cut back.

4. Alternate water and alcoholic drinks. It will slow your consumption of will keep you from snacking and drinking more throughout. 12oz, or liquor 1.5 ounces. 

5. Keep a souvenir! If you have a hard time keeping track of how many 

6. Remember that alcohol actually slows fat metabolism in the body. So if you’re working on losing weight or just staying fit, cutting back will help cut fat!

Typical calorie values of popular drinks and mixers:

Liquor (1.5 oz.):
Vodka- 95-100 calories 
Whiskey- 100-110 calories 
Gin- 95-115 calories 
Rum- 80-95 calories 
Tequila- 95-100 calories 

Simple Syrup (1.5 oz) - 54 calories
Lime Juice (1.5 oz) - 24 calories
Margarita Mix (4 oz.) - 100 calories
Cranberry Juice(8 oz.) - 137 calories
Orange Juice (8 oz.) - 112 calories
Tonic (8 oz.) - 80 calories
Coke (8 oz.) - 125 calories
Sprite (8 oz.) - 139 calories
Club Soda (8 oz.) - 0

Beer (12 oz.): 
Light Beer- 95-100 calories 
Lager- 135-150 calories 
Ale- 160-175 calories
Stout- 130-170 calories 
Cider- 125-200 calories

Wine (5oz.):
Red wine- 120 calories
White wine- 110 calories
Champagne- 112 calories


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