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Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Qalo (Kay-Lo) Helps the Active (and Clumsy) 

"Put a Ring on It"

My husband and I are a unique duo in many ways, but possibly the most startling is our "collection" of wedding rings. When we married, we really didn't have much, so we went cheap on the rings. Mine turned my finger green, and his changed color. Over time we each got new ones, and due to our active lifestyle, successful weight loss, and undoubtedly my clumsiness, over time we had to replace those as well. We would often take them off: at the beach, the pool, lifting weights, yoga, golf, etc. Too many scenarios in which a metal ring could prevent proper form, or simply slip off and be lost forever. In walks Qalo, which rhymes with Halo (a complete coincidence that I walked down the aisle to an instrumental of that song). In this case, Qalo is an acronym representing the company's main driving forces:

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Q uality
A thletics
L ove
O utdoors

The founders of the company endured much of the same frustrations that any active couple might in regards to their love of spouse and regard for safety and comfort. So they developed these silicone wedding bands. They have a wide selection to fit all tastes and statements. The price makes them a perfect addition to any wedding band collection (ha!), but to be honest, it is so simple and comfortable that I've made it my full-time ring. I'm proud to say that had I known about these rings earlier, we most likely would have exchanged them on our wedding day!

More info about the Qalo rings:
  • They come in adorable packaging (little bride/groom-esque zip up pouches on key rings, so you can attach to your golf bag, gym bag, etc)
  • They are true to size, but the silicone material makes them stay-put, without cutting off circulation. This does mean that you fidgetty-ring-spinners out there will be highly frustrated (or maybe relieved) to have to put an end your habit. It also means, they'll not be slipping off when you're swimming.
  • They are imprinted with your choice of symbols (kettle bell, compass, heart, or hammer and pick).
  • They are all about philanthropy. Certain rings support certain causes (Lupus, Breast Cancer, Law Enforcement, etc). 
  • If you are not used to wearing a ring while you work out, there is a bit of an adjustment to having one on, but the flexible nature of the rings helps you to quickly forget and focus on the task at hand. 
Need more convincing? Read these stories or simply try one for yourself, their return policy is incredibly supportive!  

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