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Thursday, November 12, 2015


November 18, 2015
Lisa Ballard

After her personal trainer encouraged her to meet with TNT for metabolic testing, Lisa setup the meeting that would immediately encourage her to shift focus from some of her trigger foods to a nutritional program that has enabled her to continue to meet her personal wellness goals.

Meet Lisa. She's remarkable and she's breaking the mold in which she thought her life was set.

Lisa set out to lower blood sugar, cholesterol, blood pressure, lose weight and feel better overall.

"I have obtained many benefits as a result of following the nutritional plan and exercising. I have lost over 70 pounds and my cholesterol has dropped 45 points. I have also lowered my blood sugar levels significantly and I am now in the normal range. My blood pressure has also dropped dramatically and is within the normal range. My level of activity has increased considerably and I am able to participate in activities that I never dreamed I could. I have walked two 5K events this year!"

What are her secrets to success?

Lisa fuels right:
"Honey Crisp Apples & Laughing Cow Cheese"

It's incredibly important to fuel properly throughout the day. Eating snacks between meals prevents extreme hunger, poor decision-making, irritability, and fatigue. Before and after exercise, it's also critical to replace any potential muscle losses. Lisa's choice offers fast-acting carbohydrate (with the apple) to help bring her blood sugar up, while the cheese helps to keep her sugar steady and begin the repair process necessary for building muscle and burning fat. 

She blocks out distractions:
"Simply follow the plan and don’t overthink everything!  Writing down what you eat and portion control are key to staying on track."

Many of us make the mistake of thinking there are more pieces to the puzzle. Lisa brings up a great point, let your Health Educator do the planning, and you stay focused on the execution. Focusing on what you can control (like portions and tracking) are easy ways to ensure you're staying on track and seeing results. They also allow your Health Educator to troubleshoot for you if you hit a snag. 

She looks back to push forward:
"Angela always tells me that 'Nothing tastes as good as Fit Feels!'  I have gone back to that quote over and over again.  I don’t ever want to feel bad again and be restricted in my activities due to my weight so I keep pressing on toward my goal."

Motivation is the one thing that truly evolves on most people's health journeys. Or rather: our ability to remember that motivation when things get tough. Lisa hits the nail on the head when she taps into her past to help fuel her next move. Close your eyes, think about where you've come from and decide do you want to keep getting farther from that, or do you want to go back to that? Lean on your Health Educators for great quotes, or even imagine them sitting on your shoulder, if you need an extra boost of confidence!

She has a secret:
"My refrigerator dispenses water in precise measurements which you can easily select.  This has been a great tool for tracking my water intake. My blender bottle has been great for Protein Shakes."

Lisa knows what works for her - water. She knows the benefits of getting enough and her fridge makes getting the right amount easy and convenient. Everyone needs a good kitchen hack that helps eliminate excuses. 

She has support:
"Angela has provided support to enable me to stay on the plan and shift focus from trigger foods where necessary. She has assisted me with understanding my emotional eating patterns and changing those patterns. She has enabled me to understand the changes in my body image as I go through this process. I am very appreciative of her high level of support.  I look forward to working with her to finish the last milestone of my journey to reach my lifelong wellness goals."

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Lisa has impressed us with her endless focus, and incredible outlook on life. Not to mention the success she continues to experience as she reaches, exceeds, and sets new goals. Lisa, it is because of this that you are TNT's #wcw this week: we have a CRUSH on you!! 

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