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Monday, October 28, 2013

We all know that you can find plenty of caffeine in a regular cup of coffee (80-150 mg per 6oz. cup of brewed coffee). But you might be surprised to learn that there is as much (or more) caffeine in common things you eat and drink throughout your day.  Here's a breakdown on the buzz found in common foods and drinks:

"Energy" Products
Energy shots: ~100 to 280 mg per 2 oz
Energy drinks: ~40 to 200 mg per 8 oz

Coffee Drinks
Starbucks drip coffee: 240 mg per 12-oz ("tall") cup
Generic drip coffee: 135 mg per 8-oz cup
Instant coffee: 95 mg per 8-oz cup
Starbucks espresso: 75 mg per 1-oz shot
Generic espresso: 40 mg per 1-oz shot
Decaf coffee: ~ 5 mg per 8-oz cup

Black tea: 40 mg per 8-oz cup
Green tea: 25 mg per 8-oz cup
Bottled iced tea: ~25-40 mg per 20-oz bottle

Soda (per can)
Mountain Dew: 55 mg
Dr Pepper: 43 mg
Sunkist Orange Soda: 41 mg
Pepsi: 39 mg
Coke: 34 mg
A&W Cream Soda: 25 mg
Barq's Root Beer: 23 mg


Candy bar: usually less than 10 mg
Milk chocolate: 10 mg per 1.5-oz serving
Dark chocolate: 20 mg per 1.5-oz serving
Chocolate milk: 1 to 5 mg per 8-oz serving
Hot chocolate: 5 to 12 mg per 8-oz serving

Ice Cream and Frozen Yogurt
Coffee-flavored ice cream or frozen yogurt: 20-45 mg per half-cup serving
Chocolate ice cream or frozen yogurt: less than 5 mg per half-cup serving

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