Total Nutrition Technology
Tuesday, October 29, 2013

The importance of planning ahead is to set yourself up for success.  Planning can make your life easier and it helps prevent deviation from the program and gets you results QUICKER.  At first this may appear to be time consuming and feel awkward but it is important to realize that this is NEW and will get easier over time.  We can assure you that proper PLANNING is the ONLY way you will successfully achieve and keep your goals.  Just as you would not take a trip w/o a road map to a destination you have never been to before, the same applies to this.  Planning is your road map ….       

  1. Pre-measure snacks.  For example, if one starch exchange is equivalent to 10 pretzels, count out 10 pretzels and store them in zip-lock snack bags.  Then when you need a snack, you can just grab the pre-measured bag and go!  This keeps portion sizes in check.  This can be done with dried fruits, baked chips, nuts, seeds, and cereals.   Some pre-made snacks can even be stored in the car or at work.    
  2. Before leaving the house for the day, pack a pre-measured healthy snack that is easy to consume.  This will keep you away from fast food and high calorie convenience foods.
  3. Don’t shop when you are hungry.  It is best to make a list at home and stick to it. 
  4. Try to eat meals and snacks on a regular basis to prevent blood sugar levels from dipping too low.

In order to make this part of your daily/weekly habit you must first put it into practice day in and day out…If you want to achieve a new life style and a new physique then patience is a virtue.  

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