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Thursday, November 14, 2013

TNT Health Educator: Stacey Gretka


A big part of following any nutrition plan, no matter your health goals, is to know how much you are consuming. Not to mention work towards making sure those portions are the right sizes for you. Short of carrying measuring cups and a food scale with you to dine out, there hasn't been much help away from home on this front. That’s all about to change! 

With the light and portable construction of PortionMate rings, any business trip, vacation, or even picnic in the park is still under your control. The rings nest inside one another for easy transport. They are color coded for quick and easy use, and rather than leveling food into a measuring cup, to dump it unceremoniously onto a plate, these easy-to-clean rings allow diners and dieters alike to enjoy a beautifully presented (and properly portioned) meal or snack. Bonus: because the rings are so easy to use, even kids as young as three are able to understand the concept and properly portion their carbohydrates, proteins, and fats onto their own plates! 

With all these benefits and an amazingly low price, we can’t help but recommend it to our clients. No more guessing and comparing to invisible baseballs and varying size fists, with PortionMate you’ll get every portion just right every time, and that’s why PortionMate gets the TNT Seal of Approval. 

PortionMates are now available through Total Nutrition Technology.  

Start getting your portions right day...visit to purchase your set!

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