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Thursday, November 14, 2013


Total Nutrition Technology and Carolina Body Metrics Partner to Introduce a Revolutionary Health and Fitness Solution to the Greater Charlotte Area


CHARLOTTE, NC -- Total Nutrition Technology (TNT), a best in breed provider of customized nutritional programming for over 20 years, and Carolina Body Metrics, operators of the only mobile body composition unit in North and South Carolina, have partnered to introduce a revolutionary health and fitness solution to the greater Charlotte area.  Clients utilizing this unique service will partner with a TNT health educator to develop a custom built nutrition plan and exercise guidelines. Once clients have established their goals and the programs they will use to achieve them, Carolina Body Metric’s BodPod™ will allow each client to track and measure their progress.  The BodPod™ utilizes air displacement technology to quickly and non-invasively provide an incredibly accurate body composition analysis, which has been scientifically established as one of the best indicators of overall health when compared to weight or body mass index (BMI).  This process, which takes less than five minutes and occurs in the privacy of Carolina Body Metric’s mobile testing facility, provides valuable, repeatable and measurable results that TNT’s health educators can use to further refine and customize each clients’ program to ensure that they are making healthy, sustained progress towards their fitness goals. 

Until now, this combination of customized nutritional programming and BodPod™ based body composition analysis has been limited to “major sport” professional athletes and individuals with the time, resources and ability to visit clinical nutritionists and institutional testing facilities such as hospitals or universities.  Everyone else has been left to fend for themselves, cycling through cookie cutter nutritional programs and fads while using highly variable and inaccurate measurements such as body weight, BMI, “body fat scales” or caliper based testing performed by non-certified personnel, to try to measure their progress.  Now everyone—from individuals simply seeking to change their lifestyle to weekend warriors to amateur, semi-professional and professional athletes—can access this combination of cutting edge nutritional programming and technology to more quickly, effectively and efficiently realize better health and performance. 

To celebrate this newly formed partnership, clients will receive a 10% discount off products and services from the reciprocating company.

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