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Monday, February 24, 2014

By: Stacey Gretka - TNT Health Educator

Being a milky mama can be easy with the right foods. Try to include some of these in every snack and meal of every day. An asterisk (*) indicates the food item will help the milk to let down the first time, while all are helpful in increasing your supply, and helping to make Babyfit strong and healthy!

• Lactation Cookies* (contains oats, brewer’s yeast, and flax)

• Oatmeal*

• Beer*

• Raw Almonds (or cashews or macadamia nuts)

• Spinach (and other dark leafy greens)

• Carrots (and other orange-red root veggies like beets or yams)

• Hummus (and other legumes, like lentils and lima beans)

• Flaxseed (and other healthy fats, makes your milk fattier)

• Papaya (be careful with certain medications)

• Asparagus

• Brown rice

• Apricots (especially dried)

• Salmon (makes your milk fattier)

• Water!!*

If you have a hard time getting your milk to come in after 3-4 days or your supply seems low, you can try Fenugreek Tea (like Mother’s Milk) or Barley Water. Both should be consumed warm and with a small amount of sweetener to taste. Hot showers almost always work, too!

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