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Wednesday, February 5, 2014

By: TNT Health Educator - Stacey Gretka

Part 5 of 5

Well we've looked at several different options that are available on the market today.  It's been a lot of information...but we aren't finish yet!  You might be thinking "so what’s left"? We've saved the best for last...working with a Certified, RD-Supported, Personal Health Educator, like those from Total Nutrition Technology (TNT). 

The Good: We actively combat falling into any of the “bad” or “ugly” categories we've talked about in this series. TNT is a time-tested, evidence-based company that has been around for over 20 years and is physician endorsed. We have Registered Dietitians that oversee every plan we build. We have degrees and certifications in a wide-variety of fields from Human Nutrition to Exercise Science to Psychology and so much more. You not only get a one-on-one experience, you really get a whole team. And, you can trust us. We really listen to your needs and goals. That means you’re saying “I want to lose some weight,” but we know you’re thinking, “I want to look great for my spouse again.” You’re saying, “I want to get off this cholesterol medication,” but we know you’re thinking, “I want to not only be there for my kids, I want to be there with them, playing.”  You’re saying, “I want to gain some muscle,” but we know you’re thinking, “I want to be more  confident in my swimwear so I can finally pick up that hottie in apartment 3E.” We totally hear you, and we’re absolutely going to customize a plan that gets you there. It’s not one-size fits all,  so it’s not catchy and will never be a fad, but we like it that way. And so do our clients. There are no mandatory supplements (though we do have an awesome supplement line that works, is clean, natural, and not overkill), or weird hormone shots. There are no shakes or pre-prepared foods –again, we want to teach you how to live YOUR real life in a real healthy way. 

The Better: We become your coach, your teammate, your friend. That means we’ll laugh together, and probably cry together, too. Life is fun, and also, pretty hard. It’s not always easy to set goals for yourself and then actually reach them. There are challenges like work, family, health, finances, and more. We’re here to help you through those. Our experience allows us to overcome challenges in time-tested and/or revolutionary ways. We can Skype your sessions, we can build you a plan so that you can feed yourself and your spouse for less than $6 a day, we can help third shifters and fixed incomes and new moms and professional athletes and and and. We are able to share what other clients have tried and with a team, rather than being independent, we are able to collaborate and provide you with a lot of answers. We’re going to walk with you from start to “finish,” supporting you, picking you back up, and cheering for you all along. The graduates of our programs often become our friends and we find ourselves continuing to check in well beyond their completion. 

The Best: We WANT you to succeed, and that does mean you’ll no longer need us anymore. I often find myself telling people that I feel it is my job to work myself out of a job. We want you to succeed and for us, that means you’ll never need to spend a penny on a weight loss, health management, or sports performance program again. Not us, not anyone like us, and not a single fad diet, shake, or cleanse. We teach you how to do it on your own. We get you there, and you keep you there. Honestly, comparatively speaking, you’ll spend less on us than you will on all your other attempts. How can we do that? We know that your success means you’ll tell others. And then, we can help them, too. 

The Best of All: Your goal, no matter what it is, will be achieved in the healthiest way! You won’t lose weight (and also lose nutrients). You won’t gain muscle, (but lose flexibility or recovery time). You won’t finally get off that medication (simply to start another one). And our possibilities go far beyond weight loss, muscle gain, and condition management. We’ve helped women overcome fertility concerns, we’ve helped athletes win, we’ve helped children expand their horizons, and so on. Because we’re completely customized, whatever your desire is for your health this year, we can not only point you in the right direction, but make sure you get there, too. 

Do yourself a favor this year, and all your years remaining, contact a TNT Health Educator for a FREE assessment today!

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