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Wednesday, February 12, 2014

By: TNT Founder & President - Angela Wilkinson

Valentine’s Day is a time to celebrate love but who says it has to be a time for huge boxes of chocolate and fancy dinners?

In my family, we actually make it a point to celebrate the love we have for each other every day BUT on Valentine’s Day we shout it from the roof tops!  So is giving someone a box of bonbons really a loving gesture or are there other ways to show others how much they are loved?  I certainly think it’s the latter!  Here are 10 Healthy Valentine’s Day ideas, that my family uses, to have a loving heart healthy Valentine’s Day that the whole family can enjoy…
  • Create a custom coupon bookletA heartwarming thoughtful gift is the best type of gift to not only give but also receive.  And there is nothing better then a custom handmade coupon booklet.  It’s perfect for kids to give to parents, parents to give to kids and Mom and Dads to give to each other.  Coupons from kids can include age-appropriate chores, such as ‘cleaning room’, ‘help with laundry’, ‘help empty the dishwasher’ to coupons from parents ranging from ‘one on one time’ without siblings, and ‘pick dinner for the night‘ to ‘child get to be personal trainer for 1 hour’.

  • Have a heart healthy dinner at home
    Eating has become a huge focus of celebrations and Valentine’s Day is no exception.  But instead of eating out at a restaurant, make a heart healthy meal at home.  Come up with a theme for dinner and plan from there…maybe plan for a a red food dinner in honor of Valentine’s Day.  Here is a yummy heart healthy recipe that would be a perfect choice for the whole family to celebrate Valentine’s Day.
  • Give fruit flowers
    Roses are nice but yummy flowers made of fruit is even better.  You can order a fruit bouquet but making them at home is easier than you think.  I love these strawberry roses!
  • Plan a family day outside
    Taking time for the whole family can be a challenge but planning an outside family activity for Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to make plans.  Go on a hike or go ice skating.  Get creative and think outside the box.  The key is to get the whole family moving.  Why not take the whole family out for laser tag!  It’s fun, it’s exercise and the kids will have a blast!
  • Have a Valentine’s Day dance party at home 
    I love any activity that gets kids moving.  Dancing is the best kind of exercise.  Spend the night having a dance party (Here is a list of fun kid dance party songs).  Maybe you have a Wii and can follow along to a Just Dance game or simply put some music on the radio (or phone) and dance the night away.  Don’t forget to play some oldies but goodies…your kids will love it!
  • Have family talent show
    Family time and laughter is the best combination.  And what better way to have that combination than a family talent show.  The acts could be love song serenades or magic tricks with Conversation Hearts candies instead of coins. A comedy act can even show loved ones you care as long as the ribbing is playful:)
  • Make a breakfast surprise
    Start your Valentine’s Day off right with a special breakfast. Shape into hearts everything that you possibly can, like pancakes and toast. Keep the color scheme red and pink with lots of  berries. And you would be surprised at how much more fun milk is to drink when it’s pink.
  • Have a scavenger hunt
    This is one of my favorites! Now this takes a bit of planning, but is a really fun activity for the whole family.  Create a scavenger house around your house or entire yard if weather permits.Create the clues so the answers are compliments to each family member. One could be “Avery’s gorgeous eyes are the color ____.” Your next clue is near a chair in that shade.
  • Skype or Facetime with long distance family members
    It’s hard to be away from family and loved ones.  Valentine’s Day is a great opportunity to tell those far away how much you love them.  So get in front of the computer and Skype or Facetime and spend a few minutes with those you love that don’t live so near.
  • Make it dark chocolate
    It is hard to resist chocolate let along on Valentine’s Day.  So if you are going to indulge in some sweets make sure it is dark chocolate.  There are several health benefits to dark chocolate; it’s good for your heart, good for your brain, actually helps control blood sugar levels, full of antioxidants and is actually high in vitamins and minerals!
So hopefully these inspire you to go and create a fun and healthy Valentine’s Day that celebrates love by being together as a family and not just giving sweets. 
If you have any of your own healthy Valentine’s Day ideas, I’d love to hear them!

TNT Founder & President - Angela Wilkinson

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