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Saturday, June 7, 2014

Prevention via Fitbie

Headed to the pool this weekend?  Well next time you jump in the water to cool off try this 8 exercise calories-blasting water workout.  Exercising in the water is both fun and effective.  Water exercise has several benefits: increases circulation, regulates body temperature, reduced chance of injury, increases relaxation and provides a workout variety.  This water workout from Prevention will burn more than 300 calories in less than 30 minutes...not bad for a fun day in the sun!  


What you’ll need:
·    A pool where you can stand in chest-deep water
·    A resistance band; our testers used a SPRI red Xertube ($10;
·    A waterproof watch, timer, or heart-rate monitor to time sets

How to do it:
·    Start with a 2-minute warm-up of treading water or easy swimming.
·    Do each Hydro Belly Blaster strength circuit twice.
·    Between each Hydro Belly-Blaster circuit, do 1 minute each of your Fat-Zapping Cardio Moves.
·    Cool down with 2 minutes of full-body stretching.

Total workout time: 28 minutes

Stand on band with both feet, right handle in left hand and left handle in right hand. Lift right leg out to side, pulling handles toward shoulders. Return to start, and repeat with opposite leg. Continue alternating legs for 1 minute to complete 1 set.

Targets: Legs, shoulders, upper back, abs

Stand on band with both feet slightly more than shoulder-width apart, holding one handle in each hand. Squat as though sitting down in an imaginary chair, keeping knees behind toes. Pause; stand up, pressing hands overhead. Repeat for 1 minute to complete 1 set.

Targets: Legs, butt, shoulders, abs

Stand with right foot 2 to 3 feet in front of left foot, left foot on top of band, holding handles at chest level with elbows bent. Press handles forward, extending arms in front of chest. Return to start, and continue for 1 minute to complete 1 set.

Targets: Chest, shoulders, abs

Start with arms extended overhead, shoulder-width apart, one handle in each hand and band wrapped around hands to reach desired resistance. Lift left knee. Lower hands toward water while pulling band out to sides, squeezing shoulder blades together. Simultaneously switch legs, lifting right knee. Repeat for 1 minute to complete 1 set.

Targets: Arms, shoulders, back, abs, legs

Stand 2 feet away from side of pool, feet hip-width apart and hands resting on wall. Draw left knee into chest, rounding back and contracting abs. Extend leg behind you, squeezing through glutes. Continue for 30 seconds. Switch legs, and repeat for 30 seconds to complete 1 set.

Targets: Abs, butt

Stand with left hand on pool edge, right hand extended overhead. Sweep right leg forward to belly height, then sweep it behind you, squeezing glutes. Continue for 30 seconds. Switch legs, and repeat for 30 seconds to complete 1 set.

Targets: Legs, butt, abs

Keeping abdominals tight, run from one side of pool to the other. Swing arms powerfully through water and lift knees high toward chest. Continue for 1 minute to complete 1 set.

Stand with feet hip-width apart. Lower into a squat, keeping knees behind toes. Then jump, raising arms overhead and lifting feet off pool floor. Land softly in squat position, knees bent. Continue for 1 minute to complete 1 set.

1. Contract your core
Before beginning each move, tighten your abs to keep your balance in the water. Maintain this contraction throughout the exercise, but breathe normally.

2. Watch your form
Move quickly to amp up heart rate-the more reps you do in each set, the more calories you'll burn--but don't go so fast that you lose control of the movement.

3. Trim with tunes
Blasting fast-paced pool grooves from your iPod will motivate you to push harder. Keep your iPod safe with water-proof speakers, such as the Eco Extreme Rugged All Terrain Speaker Case ($50;
What are you doing this weekend to get in a little fit time?

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