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Thursday, June 19, 2014

It’s easy to see that portion sizes have gotten larger over the last few decades and even more so in the last few years – if you look, that is. The problem is that, many of us don’t notice the change because we are all just USED to the amounts we are served being “normal” portions. You can also spot this trend at the grocery store and even vending machines – an “individual” bag of chips or pretzels often contains 2 or more servings in that “made for one” bag.

Research shows that people unintentionally consume more calories when given larger portions to start with which means that we are getting a significant amount of excess calories and often these are higher-calorie foods prepared in restaurants.

Here are some tips to help you avoid some common portion pitfalls….

Portion control when eating out
1. Split a meal.  Many restaurants serve more food than one person needs at one meal. Take control of the amount of food that ends up on your plate by splitting an entrĂ©e with a friend. 
2. Get a To-Go box.  Ask the wait person for a “to-go” box and wrap up half your meal as soon as it’s brought to the table.

Portion control when eating in
3. Use small plates. To minimize the temptation of second and third helpings when eating at home, serve the food on individual plates, instead of putting the serving dishes on the table. Keeping the excess food out of reach may discourage overeating. AND switch to smaller plates and bowls so that your plate looks “full” with less food. There is also a wonderful product called Portion Mate rings that we make available for purchase.  This easy to use color-coded meal and snack-measuring tool makes measuring out the proper portion sizes a breeze.  The rings also nest inside one another for easy transport. 
4. Out of sight, out of mind. People tend to consume more when they have easy access to food. Make your home a “portion friendly zone.”
5. Fruit
.  Replace the candy dish with a fruit bowl.
6. Put it up!
 Store especially tempting foods, like cookies, chips, or ice cream, out of immediate eyesight, like on a high shelf or at the back of the freezer. Move the healthier food to the front at eye level.
7. Make it hard to get to.
 When buying in bulk, store the excess in a place that’s not convenient to get to, such as a high cabinet or at the back of the pantry.
8. Be aware of large packages.
For some reason, the larger the package, the more people consume from it without realizing it. To minimize this effect:
Divide up the contents of one large package into several smaller containers as soon as you bring it home to help avoid over-consumption.

Don’t eat straight from the package. Instead, serve the food in a small bowl or container and don’t eat in front of the TV or standing around the kitchen so that you can be more aware of your food and enjoy it so that you will be satisfied with the smaller portion.  

How do you keep your portion size in check?

To learn more about how a measuring tool like Portion Mates can help you stay on track simply visit us here for more information.

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