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Sunday, August 3, 2014

Okay, so maybe you love drinking water...and then again... maybe you don't.  Either way, there is a game changer when it comes to drinking your water and it's the TNT Infuser Water Bottle.  That's right, I said infuser water bottle!  We all know the importance of drinking water every day: helps us lose weight, get more energy, reduces headaches and even clears up our skin.  But even with all those benefits, sometimes drinking plain water can get a little boring.  Until now!  

The TNT Infuser Water Bottle turns that boring plain water into a flavor explosion of fruits, vegetables and herbs.  Infused water is easy to make, inexpensive and makes getting down those 8+ cups per day a breeze.

The TNT Infuser Water Bottle holds 20oz of water and has an ergonomic loop lid with flip spout making this water bottle easy to carry and drink from.  Use the durable, convenient infusing tube to hold your favorite fruit, vegetable or herb and naturally flavor your water, making it irresistibly delicious and making you unstoppable!  Strawberries, cucumber, basil - whatever you want!  Once the filled infusing tube is in place, the natural flavors will infuse your water creating a taste you'll actually look forward to drinking.  And next thing you know, drinking more water won't be such a chore and you'll have a great time coming up with new and exciting flavor combos.  Here are a few of our favorites...

Lemon + cucumber + mint
ginger + lemon
apple + cinnamon stick
blueberry + pomegranate
blackberry + lime
blueberry + strawberry
kiwi + mint + lime 

Do you have a favorite flavor combination?  We would love you to share!

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