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Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Annette Habecker RD, LDN - Registered Dietitian

Annette has over 20 years of experience as a Registered Dietitian and loves sharing her nutrition knowledge with clients to develop healthy, long term relationship with food and health.  Being able to interact with clients and help them achieve their personal nutrition goals without gimmicks or fads is something Annette says is one of her favorite things about her work. 

I am passionate about the relationship we each have with food and developing satisfying meals to share with family, friends and prolong our health to live disease free.  It's about real food, real people and real health.  ~Annette

Annette's Top 5 Tips:

  1. Lean Protein is phenomenal to help regulate blood sugars and should be included with each snack.
  2. Greek yogurt and Kefir are super healthy foods to boost immune function and keep the gut healthy and happy in function.
  3. Deep colored vegetables and fruits are heavens power house of powerful nutrients to fight infection, nourish our bodies and keep us healthy to avoid diseases at the cellular level. Blueberries are fantastic.
  4. Green tea and water are wonderful - squeeze lemon, limes, oranges into water for flavor and fun and decrease bone loss. 
  5. Exercise is essential for our bodies health and mental health and improves sleep - which is so necessary to deal with life's stress. Without sleep - everything seems more bleak.
If you are in the Ballantyne area and would like to learn more about the products/services TNT offers, contact Annette to see how she can help you realize your goal. or call 704-549-9550

About Annette
Registered dietitian for over 20 years with experience in a variety of clinical settings. Worked closely with physicians in hospital setting dealing with varied medical conditions and improving clinical outcome of illnesses. Developed Cardiac Rehab program to include cook book and patient education. Dietitian for a group surgeons who performed gastric by-pass team helping thousands of patients improve their health.

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