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Monday, October 6, 2014

Health Educator
Corporate Manager for SC

"The human body is AMAZING! Given proper rest, nutrition, & training it will heal itself." ~ Nate

Originally from Eldorado, IL, he comes from a family of fitness enthusiasts and accomplished athletes. Nate’s background is in Nursing. After receiving his BSN from Southeastern Missouri State in 1995, where he was a 4 years starter as middle linebacker and served as captain on the SEMO Indian football team, and first varsity letterman to graduate with a bachelors degree in nursing, he moved into his first nursing position at Harrisburg Medical Center in Harrisburg, IL. After a year working on Medical Telemetry floor he began pursing a career as a “travel nurse”. For the next few years he worked throughout the US on 13 week assignments at various hospitals progressing from Med TELE to ICU/ER. His choice of location was always centered around his love for outdoor activities. So Colorado for the winter and snowboarding and spring in the mountains of Tennessee to mountain bike. His final travel assignment landed him in Rock Hill, SC. This area had great access to the ocean as well as the mountains and offered him a great opportunity to expand his horizons, professionally, spiritually, and recreationally. 

In March of 2002 he and a former colleague went into the healthcare staffing, or travel nursing, business for themselves. They formed Independent Healthcare Staffing, Inc. Over the next 10 years he grew the business into a nationwide company providing healthcare workers through all 50 states. In January of 2010 he and his partner sold the company in the hopes of perusing new interests. Over the next two years, while being contractually bound to the new ownership group Nate began to increase his knowledge base and interest in the field of Health Coaching by attending seminars and webinars and becoming a certified personal trainer through ASFA. 

Always being very active as an avid cyclist, runner, hiker and snowboarder the field of preventative health seemed to be exactly where he was headed. The idea that the human body, if given the proper nutrition, exercise, and opportunity, could be safe guarded from many of the diseases and debilitating effects of aging is what drove him into the nursing field in the first place. He now has an opportunity to work with TNT, expand his knowledge and the TNT's corporate Wellness Programs.

Nate's Top 5 Tips:
1. You can't get better if you never recover
2. Wellness is a societal issue!
3. Good Fats are good for you
4. Lift something heavy
5. WALK...outside...often

If you are in South Carolina and would like to learn more about the products and services TNT offers, contact Nate to see how he can help you realize your goal.  Nate also offers On-Site Corporate Wellness programs available for local businesses in the South Carolina area. 

To learn more, contact: or call 704-549-9550

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