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Thursday, December 4, 2014

Bounce Boot Camp is the FIRST company in the world to combine a fitness program for kids with the invigorating fun of inflatable obstacle courses, castles, and slides.

It is a sad fact but unfortunately kids today just aren't getting as much exercise as they should. With the days of video games and iPads in full force, time is often spent inside sitting instead of outside running around. Former NFL player, Thomas Hill recognized this shift and decided to create an invigorating environment that motivates kids to start moving. Enter...Bounce Bootcamp!

Bounce Boot Camp is a set of classes geared towards kids that combines team-building activities, relay races, obstacle exercises (castles & slides), battle ropes challenges and class packages -- making for fun, but structured activity that provides kids with a safe, and healthy outlet for their energy. 

Through the packages offered, certified trainers help kids reach a certain level and earn a dog tag based on their rank (private, sergeant, captain, etc). Not every child is interested in, or capable of, getting into sports. This is just another great way for kids to enjoy structured exercise, while mom and dad enjoy their own workout, a quiet trip to the store, or even a stroll in the park. 

There are Bounce Bootcamps located throughout the US including right here in Charlotte NC. In addition to kids bootcamp classes, you can also contact Bounce Bootcamp for your next birthday party or Corporate Team Building Event. The Huntersville Bounce Boot Camp is even in the process of planning an adult class as well!

You first class your Bounce Bootcamp is FREE! This is a great way to see just how much fun exercising can be. The next session of group classes begin soon. Contact Charlotte Bounce Bootcamp by January 24, 2015 -- mention 'TNT' -- and receive 10% off your next class session!
For more information about the Charlotte Bounce Boot Camp contact Paul and Elaine Baker at 980-307-8751. 

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