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Monday, December 8, 2014

By: Darnell Jones, TNT Health Educator

Have you ever wondered why you were exercising as hard as you can, more than just a couple of days a week, and still not achieving results? Everyone’s body reacts differently to various stimulants and it takes specific behaviors to achieve particular goals. Now is the time to learn how to strategize – how to make your workouts work for you!

There are many problems that arise when someone aimlessly creates a health and wellness program for themselves. This is true with everyone: from the general population to professional sports players. For example, someone looking to obtain weight loss goals may run into the problem of reaching a plateau and not being able to come down in body weight or body fat. In addition, they may also find it difficult to get that “ripped” and “toned” look even if their weight is coming down. On the other hand, athletes looking to attain sports performance goals will run into different kinds of issues if they do not follow a specific program to help them reach those specific goals. Nutrition and exercise guidelines are simply not a one-size-fits-all kind of thing. The most elite athletes in the world are only separated by a fraction of a percent. With this being said, there are two main problems that athletes who are not getting personalized programming will face. The two main problems are 1) losing the competition because of a lack of energy and/or 2) losing the competition due to a lack of strength. If there is no plan designed specifically to reach these goals by a professional or with the advice of a professional, it will be an incredibly challenging feat, but not impossible…

The solution to the problem of unsuccessful guesswork would be to:
1) contact a health and fitness professional to take a look at your current goals, look at your current approach and help you devise a plan. They don’t call them professionals for nothing! These people train to effectively research and implement health and wellness problem solving so they can point you in the right direction. Or...

2) look into target heart rate training which will help define your efficient heart rate zone in which to train. There are certain concepts that accompany the process of target heart rate training and are all related to certain responses of the body, which may, again, require consultation with a health professional. There is the warm up which gets your body ready to train. This typically ranges from 100 beats per minute (bpm) to 128bpm. There is also the steady state which is the most important concept because this is the zone in which you do the majority of your training. In order to be time efficient, it would be wise to spend your time in the steady state zone at the appropriate heart rate. In addition to the appropriate heart rate, you should also be able to sustain the level of energy needed to complete workout and ultimately achieve your goal.

For example, someone looking to lose weight needs to stay in the lower heart rate zones where an athlete may need to incorporate interval training into their target heart rate program. With either of these goals, the ability to sustain the desired amount of energy for a certain period of time is the challenge, even with a personalized plan from a professional.  There are only a few things that can help you on this and it is, as you have heard before, nutrition as well as safe, natural and effective supplementation. When my clients are looking for advice; I recommend Total Nutrition Technology, a company with over 20 years of experience in researching health issues to help design and implement customized nutrition and supplement programs. Proper nutrition is important to fuel the body to be able to sustain energy of any sort. There is also a need for supplements to assist the body in preparing for the workout at any given intensity. TNT has developed a ground-breaking pre-workout supplement called “TNT Impact” that will help you sustain energy in your target heart rate zone, regardless of your health goals. If you are looking for weight loss, it will give you the energy to sustain your steady state for longer period of time resulting in greater amounts of fat loss and weight loss. For athletes and those looking to put on muscle mass, this product will help you sustain higher energy levels as well as intervals to maximize performance, and increase strength.

It is incredibly important to evaluate your current health status, health goals, and current routine with a professional to help steer you in the right direction. In reality, that is not always a viable option, and that is where TNT’s Impact can help you bridge that gap.

To learn more about TNT's IMPACT and can take your workouts to the next level!

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