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Thursday, April 2, 2015

By: Stacey Gretka - TNT Health Educator

One common question I get very often is how to properly clean produce. You can't simply get away with a quick rinse these days as most of our produce is grown using pest control and fertilizers. If these are "Conventional," then we're talking chemicals we want to avoid ingesting and if we're talking "Natural" or "Organic," we're talking oils, soaps, and bacteria we want to avoid ingesting.  A good scrubbing with soap and water will typically do the trick, but sadly, if your fruit is even scrubbable (think berries), by removing some of the protective skin or peel that comes with a truly thorough washing, the life of your produce will be shortened dramatically. In fact, for the longest shelf or fridge life, we used to recommend washing only when you were ready to consume. YET most of our clients find that prepping ahead of time makes them more likely to stick to their plan and therefore more likely to be successful. 

So what is the happy medium? In walks, Norwex Fresh Produce Wash. Their website states, "Clean fresh fruits and vegetables naturally with this plant-based, biodegradable concentrate. It effectively removes unwanted chemical residue from fertilizers, wax, dirt, oil and bacteria. The all-natural formula contains no phosphates, sulfates or parabens so you can feed your family without worry. Plus, it extends the shelf life of fruits and vegetables, and it maintains their aroma and flavor." And I am happy to report that these claims are something you can hang your hat (bananas?) on. The instructions allow you to add a few drops to a bowl of water, add your produce, and let it sit before rinsing away the wash and dirt leaving you with ready to eat, long-lasting fruits and veggies. For a speedier option, and my personal preference, you can also spray the fruit or vegetables with the wash, count to 30, and rinse. Upon my first use, I was impressed with the visual difference between the blueberries I merely rinsed (i.e. the ones on the bottom of the container), and the blueberries on which I used the Norwex Fresh Produce Wash (the ones on top). So much so that I immediately washed all apples and pears in the house, too. The one bottle will last through months of use and I cringe to think of the amount of build-up we'd been eating and the amount of wasted produce up until now. 

My trick: take your long-lasting washed fruit and vegetables up a notch and invest in a salad spinner (like this one that doubles as a serving or mixing bowl from OXO), not just for salad anymore! Use the "basket" to wash and rinse your produce with your Norwex Fresh Produce Wash (don't forget to select Total Nutrition Technology as your host), then spin off the excess water and store on your counter or in the fridge (based on the produce type). Side note: Lettuces should be stored with a dry paper towel (which will help to keep water from rotting the leaves). Try using these popular containers from Ikea! And don't forget to bring your freshly washed, and perfectly cool produce in this container by Cool Gear!

How do you wash your fruit and vegetables?

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