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Thursday, April 2, 2015

Sports nutrition is an important element to any athlete's training but unfortunately it doesn't always get the attention it needs.  Nutrition requirements for an athlete are different from the average person because sports focused nutrition insures adequate energy, vitamins, and minerals, and hydration to the muscles for the extra demands of training and competition. A good sports nutrition program can not only improve sports performance, but speed up recovery, prevent injuries, and illnesses, which will allow the athlete to train and compete with more intensity.

13 year old gymnast Sieway Hunt has had a love for gymnastics for years.  That love for gymnastics has given her focus as she progresses through the competitive area.  Sieway and her family contacted Total Nutrition Technology to evaluate the nutrition component of her training and ensure that she was fueling her body properly.  It turned out that Sieway was both under eating and restricting her carbs.  

TNT Health Educator, Carol Goodwin started working with Sieway and her family putting together a sports performance nutrition plan that would help Sieway properly fuel her body so that she could be at her best both in training and on the competition floor.  Now, 2400 calories later and with a decrease in body fat percentage, Sieway is standing on the podium as the number 2 all around gymnast in the state and on her way to Regional. Her goal was to make it to Regionals and Sieway and her family believe that this new nutrition element of her training was the way to get that extra edge.

" Not only did TNT help with getting the right nutrients in my body everyday to function my body properly, but it helped me reach success to qualifying for the Regional Championships in April. Thank you TNT!

-Sieway Hunt

Watch Sieway in action!

If you are an athlete or know an athlete looking to take their performance to the next level - contact Total Nutrition Technology to learn more about our personalized Sports Performance Nutrition Programs and how we can help you be the best in your sport!


More about TNT Health Educator - Carol Goodwin:

Carol first joined Total Nutrition Technology in 2008 and is the acting Area Manager for the North Charlotte Region. She holds a BS in Health Education and is also a Certified Personal Trainer. In addition Carol has certifications in Massage Therapy and Weight loss counseling. She chose TNT because of the "cutting edge" type of approach in the industry and the high level of personalization in the customized programs. In addition, this type of service attracts a "can do" type of clientele, which I am grateful for every day.

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