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Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Here at TNT, we're always expanding upon our education. Seeking more knowledge and reinforcing old truths to make sure that we bring you the most up-to-date and reliable information, products, and services available for your health. Many of our team members recently renewed their Sports Nutrition certifications and as we re-read Nancy Clark's sports nutrition guidebook, we came across this gem (our thoughts are in italics):

Ten steps for successful fat loss: (Page 273-277)

1) Write it down: keep accurate food records

Did you know TNT offers an amazing food journal and activity log to help you keep track of your intake and output?

2) Front load your calories: ex) if you eat lightly during the day and excessively at night, experiment with having a bigger breakfast and lunch and lighter dinner

Just like you cannot expect a car to reach its destination and then put in fuel, you must fuel the car before the drive. We recommend thinking, "what is my next activity, and about how much energy do I need to complete it."

3) Eat slowly

Health Educator, Stacey Gretka, recommends putting your fork or sandwich down between each bite and completely clearing your mouth before you take the next one. The mindfulness required to do this completely changes the eating experience, making each bite more enjoyable and satisfying - requiring a lot fewer bites to feel full.

4) Eat your favorite foods: if you deny yourself permission to eat, you are likely to binge

Within reason, it's important to offer yourself an "allowance" to enjoy the foods that mean the most to you. Better yet, factor them into your daily needs. No foods should feel "off-limits" to you. 

5) Avoid temptation

You're at a party, you already ate dinner, but you linger by the food table. You have a workout scheduled, but you peruse Facebook to see if any of your friends have anything "better" going on. You go to the grocery store hungry. All of these are examples of how you can set yourself up for serious frustration. You're human, you're going to be tempted, but try not to put yourself in those situations. 

6) Keep a list of non food activities: when you are bored, lonely, tired, or nervous, you need to have strategies in mind that have nothing to do with eating

Make this list now, before the feelings hit you. You'll be amazed at how wonderful these can make you feel. Try blowing bubbles, coloring, or finally organizing all of those digital pictures. You'll love what you can accomplish when food isn't your go-to answer.

7) Make a realistic eating plan

This is where a TNT Registered Dietitian and Health Educator can help you big time. They can sit down with you, learn about your real life schedule, likes, dislikes, habits, needs, and goals and help you formulate a game plan to which you can actually stick. Highly unlikely you'll stick to a plan made for working out at 5am if your schedule doesn't have you going to bed until midnight. Equally unlikely to get an afternoon snack in at 3pm if you're always in meetings at that exact time. Plan for your life, not some unrealistic ideal.

8) Schedule appointments for exercise 

And honor that time. In the same way you schedule important meetings, block off your schedule for workouts and respect that schedule. Don't forget to include things like drive-time or getting ready time if these are necessary.

9) Make sleep priority

Sleep is necessary for your body to repair cells and reset your systems. If they never get the rest they need, they'll wear out much more quickly during the day, and be a lot less productive than they could be - just like you! Try TNT's PM Fat Burner which helps you fall asleep, increases your sleep quality, and provides you with more natural energy for the next day!

10) Think fit and healthy

You've heard the phrase "mind over matter" or how about "fake it 'til you make it." Many health gurus feel just as lost as you do in this big world of overwhelming information. The difference is that they tell themselves they're going to make healthy decisions today. And if they make one that's less than great, they move on from it quickly by addressing what the best decision would have been and making a mental note to change it up next time. Use kind and positive words with yourself and think like a fit and healthy person. Eventually it will become second nature!

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