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Saturday, October 3, 2015

By: Stacey Gretka
  • The basic strategy is the same as tightening any body part: combine proper nutrition with appropriate arm exercises. For most women, the actual area of concern , when referencing the arms, is the tricep: i.e. the wings. Avoiding those flappy arms is certainly possible, but it does take a triple threat approach. Before making any changes to your diet, ensure that these suggestions are appropriate based on your current medical regiment - GO TALK TO YOUR DOC FIRST.
  • 1) Stay properly hydrated: 
    skin begins to sag when it loses elasticity. Most of us lose that ability to bounce back with age, but we definitely lose it faster if a) you've been a lifetime yo-yo dieter or b) you don't stay hydrated. Hydration does go beyond drinking water. You need to make sure that the water can actually get into your skin cells by encouraging your electrolytes to stay in balance with one another (reduce diuretics (unless otherwise directed by your physician), consume a balanced intake of sodium and potassium (2x the potassium as sodium), and drink enough water that your urine is only slightly colored.
  • 2) Consume enough calories: 
    so many people, women especially, restrict their caloric intake for the purpose of weight loss and forget that calories are simply a measure of energy! And that energy is needed to help your body build muscle, repair cells, and generate new healthy ones! Contact your Health Educator (I'm partial to the ones at Total Nutrition Technology) to find out how many calories you should be consuming.
  • 3) Honker down on the right moves - Commit a certain amount of time a specific number of a days per week to arm exercises. Try 15 minutes every other day and give these a look-see: 
    tricep kickbacks, bicep curls, dips, side plank, push-ups, tricep swings, lateral arm raises, and more. The real trick is picking a set of exercises or workout routine (like the guns, buns, and abs one on and sticking to it!

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