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Wednesday, April 2, 2014

By: Total Nutrition Technology - Angela Wilkinson & Stacey Gretka

Allow the growing daylight hours to entice you to put some spring in your step.
 As the long, cold winter days melt away, nearly all creatures are anxious to get moving. And we are no exception.
Following their lead can help you embrace the coming sunny summer days with a new outlook and even a new body. As New Year’s Resolutions become challenging to keep, now is the perfect time to re-vamp your routine. All it takes is a little spring cleaning of your workout attire and equipment, along with a few of these fun ideas, and you’ll be ready to (re)commit to be F.I.T.

Introducing the F.I.T. Principles
F.I.T. stands for:
Frequency – The number of times per week you exercise
Intensity The effort with which the exercise is performed
Time  The duration of each exercise session

In order to achieve maximum results, there must be a certain output of energy during exercise.  By incorporating any of the F.I.T. principles into an exercising plan one can not only add variety but can also help prevent boredom.  For example, if one decides to increase his or her intensity, then perhaps the time could be cut down in exchange.  Just be sure to have the same caloric expenditure (usage).
The F.I.T. principle can help add “spice” to workouts as well.  If you are exercising at a low intensity (pace), challenge yourself to go a little harder or push yourself to go a little longer.  The main goal is to be able to increase your level of fitness as your body adapts to its demands.  Before making any of these exercise changes on your own, please consult with your health educator for specific details.
Implementing the F.I.T. Principles

Here are some fun ways to Get F.I.T!
  • Spring clean your house
    • F= Once
    • I = consider speed, stairs, and vacuuming plus ADD 1 pound wrist weights
    • T= If normally take you 3 hours try to shave off 20 minutes next go around
  • Daily walks or jogs
    • F = If normally 3 times try 4 per week
    • I = consider adding inclines, adding  hand weights OR add in some sprints
    • T = Instead of 30minutes ADD 15 more
No matter what your exercise routine, the changing of the season into spring is the perfect time to put that spring back in your step and recommit to yourself.  Incorporating the F.I.T. Principles into your existing workouts or a new workout will help challenge you and keep your workouts fresh and exciting.  Remember it doesn’t matter how long or how fast you move…just start moving and the rest will soon follow!  If you are looking for a great challenging Crossfit workout  that you can do at home check out our TNT Spartan Workout.  It can certainly be adjusted to suit any fitness level.  And if you have questions about this workout or any other aspect of your workout routine, don’t hesitate to ask!
What is your favorite way to get exercise outdoors?

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