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Friday, August 22, 2014

Did you miss DAY 1 on Accepting yourself for being beautiful just the way that you are? Read it here.

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Today is Day 3…

4- Eat like you are worth it, too!

Why on earth do we think we’re not important enough to feed ourselves like champions, too? You made a human being! You’re amazing! Besides, your kids will only keep eating what you tell them for so long before they need to see you doing it, too. You really want them to be healthy? Lead by example. And don’t forget, you’re seriously worth it, too.

eat healthy
5- Hydrate yourself

Clich├ęs are such for a reason: because they’re usually right.  Drink water. Stop complaining, and drink it. Your skin will stop breaking out, yourstretch marks will fade, your muscles will heal faster, your skin will tighten back up, and the toxins in your cells will hitch a ride down to sewer town. There are so many countless reasons that it just doesn’t make any logical sense that if you have a health goal of any kind, that you’re not drinking water.
So what worked for me? Two things:

Two things:

This opened my eyes to the bajillion and one options available for flavoring my water without getting bored or having extra calories. Because let’s face it – I might be a Health Educator, butI. Hate. Water. My favorite blends for my water bottle are lemon and rosemary, butorange mint is a close second.I also really like cucumber and basil, and bell pepper and cilantro! I could seriously write an article just on these combos, but that’s not what this is about.

2) I learned that everyone has a way they’ll drink lots of water.
I will drink double if not triple the water from a cup with a lid and straw. So I use my TNT bottle now when I’m running around (so it won’t spill everywhere) and my straw cup when I’m at home/work. None of the hard work I put in for points 1-4 can happen without enough water to get things where they need to go. So drink up!


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