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Sunday, November 2, 2014

By: Stacey Gretka, TNT Health Educator

You go to the driving range, the practice green, and even get fitted for your clubs. You’ve even gone to the golf pro at your local golf simulator to have them analyze your swing. Yet you run into the same problem nearly every round – you run out of energy and motivation on the 15th hole. What you’re (not) eating on the course matters. Coupled with a balanced diet off the course, the following foods are sure to keep you on the top of your game, Captain.

1.       Pineapple chunks – part of getting started, is easing the pain from your last round or the stiffness in your muscles from any number of reasons (rough night sleep, been too long since you’ve been out, or maybe you’re just taking the wear and tear a little harder these days). Pineapple contains a powerful enzyme, called Bromelain, that’s actually used as a meat tenderizer, and is incredibly effective as a joint lubricant.  About half hour before the game, eat a small cup (packed in juice or water, not syrup) to help loosen up those swings. Try these Dole Pineapple Bowls.  Not a fan of pineapple? Get the same enzyme with the added support of glucosamine in TNT’s Joint Support.

2.       Natural beef jerky – Protein is obviously touted for its muscle building properties, and certainly an added benefit of enjoying this treat on the course, but the real reason you want to pack a pack of portable, dried meat is two-fold: the iron reinforces your lungs good deeds and the sodium. Yes, I said sodium! A typical golfer wears sweat-wicking gear for a reason and the sodium in an all-natural beef jerky can help replace those losses. To top it off, the high protein punch will keep you feeling full without spiking your blood sugar. Beware of preservatives though and choose an all natural brand like Perky Jerky (whose proceeds also go to charity), or make your own. Best time to pull this trick out of your bag is between the second and third holes. Really sink a hole-in-one for your taste buds by combining your beef jerky with walnuts and Food #3 on our List of Top 5 Foods for Better Golf.

3.       Dried Apricots – Bananas hold the title for potassium in everyone’s mind, but in reality there are several foods that contain not only more potassium, but more nutrients to boot. Apricots are one of those options. In about six quick (and delicious) pieces, you can pack a swift 18g of solid energy-boosting carbohydrates, only 60 calories, and close to 500mg of potassium. Finally, with their one-two punch of vitamin A and iron, these gems will be a part of your arsenal for years to come. Try these from Now Foods . Not ready for the distinct flavor apricots offer? Mix dehydrated banana chips with macadamia nuts instead.

4.       Carrots and Hummus – Skip the nitrate packed mystery meat on white and ramp up your back nine with this solid choice. Carrots are a higher glycemic vegetable meaning they’ll offer a refuel and a slow drip of sustained energy. Hummus offers a dose of omega-6 fatty acids for brain food that keeps your stomach full without sloshing as you make the turn. Might need to keep this duo in a cooler in your car though, so take the time to plan ahead, and while everyone else is dragging back out to the course, you’ll be light on your feet and ready to finish strong. These takealong packs from Wild Garden are the perfect size and don’t require refrigeration.

5.        Rice cake and almond butter – okay, so our fifth food is also two foods, but that’s because it’s the best kept fifteenth-hole-secret-combo. Keep your body and brain in the game all the way through the eighteen by prepping with a quick snack on the fifteenth. Quick-acting carbs combined with some brain-boosting fat will give you the edge over the competition (and the water hazard).  Your body will thank you for the extra energy to maintain a power house drive and your brain will be sharp enough to judge distances, select clubs, and determine direction all the way to the final green.  Top two classic rice cakes with two teaspoons of an almond butter like these packs from Barney Butter on the fifteenth for maximum impact.

There you have it; I can’t promise you’ll be sporting a green jacket anytime soon, but incorporate these top five foods for the course to your golf bag and you will not regret it.

**AFFILIATE DISCLOSURE** In the spirit of full disclosure, this post contains some affiliate links, which means that TNT may get a commission if you decide to purchase anything from these Amazon links. We only recommend products that we use and love ourselves, so we know you’ll be in good hands.

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Jerky: Perky Jerky
Pineapple Bowls: Dole Pineapple Bowls

Dried Apricots: Now Foods

Hummus: Wild Garden

Rice Cakes: Classic Rice Cakes
Almond Butter: Barney Butter

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