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Thursday, June 4, 2015

By: Total Nutrition Technology

Summer is the perfect time for enjoying outdoor cookouts and social events.  Don’t worry, eating healthy is not hard to do if you are prepared.  Below are some Healthy Eating Tips for Summer BBQs to keep you on track.

1. Get Ready To Go:   When you are eating away from home, it can sometimes be challenging but not impossible.  All it takes is a little planning.
2. Pre-Eat:  
Never go to any event hungry.  Have something nutritious before you get there so you won’t be hungry and tempted to overeat on party foods.

3. Pre-Exercise:
Exercise increases the body’s metabolism, which increases the number of calories used.  So if you are going to summer cookouts or parties, exercise the day before you head out.  

4. Help your host:
Whenever you are going to a cookout, you never know what type of meat is being cooked with or what is in the foods that are offered.  Offer to bring a dish to the party.  This way you know there is something healthy that you can eat.  

5. Sneak in a snack:
Sometimes you will get to the party and there is absolutely nothing there that is anywhere close to being healthy.  Have an emergency snack stashed in your purse.  It may be carrots and crackers or a meal-replacement bar.  Remember you are there to socialize and be with friends.  

6. Eat normally:
Don’t make the mistake of cutting out meals during the day to save your calories for the evening.  When you do finally eat, you will most likely overeat because you are starving.  Eat normally throughout the day.  If you know that you will be having a carb loaded dinner, go lighter on carbs throughout the day.  Once again, plan ahead and you will have no problems.  

7. Get a helping hand:
Let your host know early on that you are trying to eat healthy and that having a few health conscious items would be greatly appreciated.  

8. Bring fitness fun:
Offer to start some fun games!  Try touch-football, volleyball, a three-legged race or even some dancing.  Burning a few extra calories can be fun, especially when everyone is involved.  

At the Party:  Keep in mind that the event is not about the food, it’s about the company.  

9. Socialize Instead:  
Be positive!  No one wants to hear what you they shouldn’t be eating.  Try several of the dishes the host made.  Skip the dishes that may look heavy in calories.  For example, you may want to have a scoop of baked beans and leave then mayonnaise based potato salad.  Always compliment the host on the delicious food or the enjoyable party!

10. Fib about food:
What happens if you are being coerced into trying the double chocolate fudge cheesecake?  Respond by saying that you couldn’t possibly eat another bite after the delicious meal you just had (even if you could).  Or, say you will have a piece later once your food has settled.  After most people have had their dessert, they won’t ask you about it later.  

11. Drink Water:
Sip on water.  You’ll be less likely to graze on party food if you already have something in your hand.  Plus, drinking water will help you feel full and satisfied.

12. Know your limits:
Know how much you’re willing to cheat.  Plan ahead and set yourself some firm limits.  If this is your cheat meal for the week, don’t go overboard.  If you do plan on having some dessert, don’t stuff yourself at dinner.  Leave some room and eat a small piece.  

13. Limit Alcohol:
Alcohol is full of empty calories and inhibits your body’s ability to burn fat.  It’s best to avoid alcohol, but if you choose to have some, be mindful of the food you are eating.  Don’t continuously graze just because there if food on the table.  

14. Out of sight:
Don’t stand near the snack table.  It keeps you from sneaking in a few handfuls here and there that can add up at the end of the night.  

15. Be in Charge:  If eating out at other people’s social events is difficult, choose to have the party at your house.  This enables you to fix healthy choices that you know are good for you!  Always choose leaner cuts of beef and offer baked chips along with regular chips.  Fruit salads are always a big hit and make at least one healthy dessert that you can indulge in.  

Bonus Tip:
Hamburger or Hotdog?
Do you ever feel torn between what to eat: a Hamburger or a Hotdog.  Granted they both can both be high in fat and calories, but which is the better choice?  If you are the host/hostess you can buy lean ground beef or turkey or light hot dogs.  However, if you have no idea what type of beef is being used, it can be confusing.

Typically a 4 oz regular (80/20) hamburger has about 18g of fat and 250 cals just for the patty.  A hot dog averages about 18g of fat and 230 cals for one.  Bubba Burgers can have up to 36g of fat for one hamburger patty.  Way too much fat and most of it comes from saturated fat.  Hotdogs are not the best source of good protein. There can be too many additives in them.

Your best bet would probably be the hamburger with some lettuce, tomato, ketchup and onions.

If you want to be really good, consider having the bun with a slice of cheese, lettuce, tomato and a little bit of ketchup.  Or have just ½ the burger.  


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