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Gobble Up These Good Habits

Gobble Up These Good Habits 

Thanksgiving can be an amazing American holiday that usually brings thoughts of warmth, fond friendships, family, and gratefulness. For many of us, Thanksgiving can also be the beginning of a stressful time. Whether we're focused on holiday shopping or year-end reports, this time of year can often throw us off track. And then there's that: the stress of probably getting off track again this year. It's time to let this mentality go. Time to embrace the meaning behind Thanksgiving and say goodbye to weight-related holiday stress. Our team of Health Professionals has come together to share our favorite holiday tips to help you plan for the best holiday season yet!

"Avoid leftovers at all costs!!! If you're hosting, send guests home with to-go plates or donate the extras to a local soup kitchen.... if you're a guest, don't bring home extra PIE!! Don't let your one meal 'bleed out' into a 4 day eating extravaganza!!" - Sara Hill

"Avoid skipping meals to save up for a feast, you’ll end up feeling too hungry and will be more likely to over-indulge.  Instead, stick to small-portioned,well-balanced meals and snacks throughout the day so you can still leave room for the big meal without going overboard. " - Laura Falconi

"Our family signs up for the local Turkey Trot. Then we spend the day cleaning, decorating, and having fun before sitting down to a delicious, non-traditional slow cooker meal (like homemade chicken and dumplings). It helps us focus more on the reason behind the tradition rather than the tradition of overeating itself." - Stacey Gretka

"Use a small dinner plate for your meal, take a "spoonful - size" taste of everything you want to try instead of serving size. Then, instead of having seconds right away, wait a few hours and have a second small meal." - Kimberly Norton Krecker

"Eat your healthy, well balanced meals (or follow your TNT meal plan) earlier in the day. Don't save up your calories for that one big meal. And stay active... Do a family outdoor activity instead of just sitting around." - Angela Wilkinson

"Plan what you’re going to enjoy in advance.  If you look forward to the cornbread stuffing all year, then you shouldn’t have to skip it!  Fill a portion of your plate with your favorite food while still leaving plenty of room for healthy selections like vegetables and lean protein." - Laura Falconi

"When you do begin eating, slow down, savor, and enjoy! Put the fork down between each bite and really experience your meal; don't eat what you don't care for and truly appreciate that which you do love. Not only with this leave you more satisfied with your choices, but you'll also realize when you've actually become full before it's too late!" - Stacey Gretka

"I go for the 'Two-Bite Rule.' If you're a try everything type of person, take only enough of it for two bites. Then move on to the next item. For leftovers portion them out in your lunch Tupperware from the start so you aren't tempted to take more than you need. This also helps to get out the door faster when back to work and make the holidays last longer!" - Meghan Neary

"For me, staying active is the key. When you are doing Holiday shopping don't fight for a closer parking spot, use it as exercise. Another trick is managing the drinking at holiday dinners and parties. One trick is to drink water in between alcoholic beverages, so you feel you have something in your hand and you end up drinking fewer empty calories. Also, putting water in a wine glass is another great option!" - Susanne Ware

"Practice mindful eating. Focus more of your time and energy on enjoying the company around you and less on the food. When you do fill your plate, remember to enjoy each and every bite, this will help you feel more nourished and satisfied with less on your plate." - Sandy Gebhart

"Make yourself accountable by confiding in a family member that you are hoping not to overeat during the holidays.  That way, there will be a person you can trust and rely on to remind you of your health goals during this tempting time of year." - Laura Falconi

"Re-think the menu. Spruce up old recipes with fresher ingredients and swap out high-fat traditional choices with lower-fat, higher-fiber ones. Try mashed cauliflower instead of mashed potatoes, stuff skin-on sweet potatoes with mini marshmallows instead of sweet potato souffle, roast turkey breast in the slow cooker instead of deep frying the whole bird. The options are endless: you can even add chia seeds to the cranberry sauce for a quick and easy nutrient boost!" - Stacey Gretka

"Eat the things you love, and leave the things you like. Also make a healthy dish: side of veggies, salad or maybe make a healthy version for a dessert. My specialty is normally a Brussels sprout salad. Yum!" - Chelsea Castellanos

"I try to wait 15 min before allowing myself to go back for a second helping. Most times I find that after that time I don't need or want more to eat." - Julia Callaghan

"Cover 2/3 to 3/4 of your plate with the  "lean and clean" choices (white meat turkey, green beans or Chelsea's Brussels sprout salad). Allow a smaller portion of your plate 1/3 to 1/4 for the traditional higher fat stuff like Aunt LaVerne's mashed potatoes!" - Carol Goodwin

"Slice and individually wrap leftover desserts so you can continue to treat yourself in moderation (usually one slice per week is a good pace). You won't feel obligated to gorge yourself when you know it won't all be gone after today!" - Stacey Gretka

Our recommendations for an easy, healthy holiday:

The Latest Trends in Wearable Fitness Trackers

Every year we see a gadget really gain in popularity, and eventually that popularity wanes, but for the third year in a row, fitness trackers are continuing to top the charts in wanted gifts. This year's update to the trend? Not looking like fitness trackers. People want more stylish options or discreet methods of monitoring their fitness goals, sleep patterns, and more. The other big trend? Involving the kiddos! Below we've compiled a list of the latest in fitness tracking technology to help you check off everyone's lists this year.

1. Leaf by Bellabeat - this wear-any-way-you-want tracker looks more like jewelry and comes in a lot of options and feels more natural than the other, more tech-y looks of trackers.

2. Activité Steel by Withings - this latest release in watches by Withings that look like a traditional upscale watch, uses a sleek and stylish analog tracker, but connects to your phone. Bonus: doesn't require any charging. Perfect for the suit and tie wearing health conscious crowd.

3. Polar Loop Crystal by Polar - not branching too far from their original Loop, this sporty wearable is now decked out with bling from Swarovski! A nice upgrade to the look with all of the same features as before, plus new smart notifications that let you know by vibration of calendar reminders, incoming messages or calls.

4. Misfit Shine by Misfit - Simple, affordable and customizable, this wear-any-way-you-want tracker can take on a sporty look or be popped into a necklace for a night on the town. One unit with a lot of options. You also never have to charge it. Sleek and versatile, you can even tuck this coin-sized device in your socks.

5. iFit Duo by iFit - this one isn't even out yet, but it's a doozy. The Duo looks like a traditional watch, but switches to a fitness tracker with a quick flip. A few styles to fit each person (man, woman, unisex), this is clearly geared towards those who care about style.

6. Sona Connected Bracelet by Caeden - now available for pre-order, an up and coming technology company that's making waves, Caeden, has developed a fitness wearable that looks like a leather bracelet, which is very "in" for 2016. Don't worry though, not just looks, the developers used to work with Jawbone and also have a line of wireless headphones so you'll still be connected and tracking your progress to your phone. What makes this one different? Guidance through meditation. Sona is targeting those who wish to improve both mind and body in a stylish way, and also have iPhones. That's right, they only have an app for the iOS platform.

7. Up4 by Jawbone - looks like a bracelet, but is a fitness tracker or payment method! That's right, the latest in Jawbone technology now allows Amex users to pay for their water or protein bars without ever reaching into a purse or pocket!

8. LeapBand by LeapFrog - this toy with purpose makes fitness fun for kids ages 4-7. Think: Tamagatchi Pets powered by movement. With challenges and games, the younger crowd doesn't have to feel like they're giving up screen time while staying active. And with LeapFrog's parent account, you can monitor their learning (and fitness) progress. We recommend reading the reviews on their site for more information (some kids didn't find it fun, while others can't live without it) and asking your child for input first.

9. Nabi Compete by Nabi - This wearable for kids ages 6 and up literally hit the shelves this week! It is designed to be purchased in pairs and used to compete against friends and family! I can't seem to find a place to purchase these online, but I can tell you they already fascinate us. The app allows wearers to compete against each other or work together to reach goals - you can walk the Brooklyn Bridge from anywhere in the world, earn points, and eventually buy and care for virtual pets. Changeable bands and face plates allow for every personality.

10. Fusion and Fusion Bio by Striiv -  Bringing together the flexibility and affordability of a fitness tracker with the capabilities of a smart watch, Striiv seems to have found their stride. They were slammed for their kid-style pedometer (the Striiv Play), so they stepped it up and created a next-level wearable. With options that are great for kids as a clip or parents as a smart watch, they have found the happy medium, even if the look is still a bit 2015.

11. SmartCap Fitness Monitor by Spree - hold onto your hats with this one, folks! Shattering the clip and wrist-wearing trends is the new tracker from Spree that you wear on your head. It's a baseball cap (or headband) that tracks your heart rate, movement, calories burned, and even your temperature! We're not kidding: it has GPS tracking for mapping your route, monitoring your speed, and you can even pump in your favorite tunes via bluetooth. Syncs with an app you can download on nearly any device, this is probably the most innovative tracker we've seen yet!

12. Sleek Tracker Tie Clip for Fitbit Flex by Griffin Technology - okay, it's not actually a tracker, but rather a way to wear your tracker without anyone knowing AND sport a sleek tie clip. If you (or that special man in your life) already have a FitBit Flex, here's your next move.

13. Fenix3 Sapphire by Garmin - This is the tracker for the serious fitness enthusiast that does shark diving by day and whiskey tasting by night. It makes me want to climb mountains, write daring articles, and show up to the hottest events. Gorgeous design, water resistant for swimmers, beautiful screen display. The site urges you to "find your both" - there is no doubt you will with this uncompromising timepiece.

We Have a Crush on Lisa B!


November 18, 2015
Lisa Ballard

After her personal trainer encouraged her to meet with TNT for metabolic testing, Lisa setup the meeting that would immediately encourage her to shift focus from some of her trigger foods to a nutritional program that has enabled her to continue to meet her personal wellness goals.

Meet Lisa. She's remarkable and she's breaking the mold in which she thought her life was set.

Lisa set out to lower blood sugar, cholesterol, blood pressure, lose weight and feel better overall.

"I have obtained many benefits as a result of following the nutritional plan and exercising. I have lost over 70 pounds and my cholesterol has dropped 45 points. I have also lowered my blood sugar levels significantly and I am now in the normal range. My blood pressure has also dropped dramatically and is within the normal range. My level of activity has increased considerably and I am able to participate in activities that I never dreamed I could. I have walked two 5K events this year!"

What are her secrets to success?

Lisa fuels right:
"Honey Crisp Apples & Laughing Cow Cheese"

It's incredibly important to fuel properly throughout the day. Eating snacks between meals prevents extreme hunger, poor decision-making, irritability, and fatigue. Before and after exercise, it's also critical to replace any potential muscle losses. Lisa's choice offers fast-acting carbohydrate (with the apple) to help bring her blood sugar up, while the cheese helps to keep her sugar steady and begin the repair process necessary for building muscle and burning fat. 

She blocks out distractions:
"Simply follow the plan and don’t overthink everything!  Writing down what you eat and portion control are key to staying on track."

Many of us make the mistake of thinking there are more pieces to the puzzle. Lisa brings up a great point, let your Health Educator do the planning, and you stay focused on the execution. Focusing on what you can control (like portions and tracking) are easy ways to ensure you're staying on track and seeing results. They also allow your Health Educator to troubleshoot for you if you hit a snag. 

She looks back to push forward:
"Angela always tells me that 'Nothing tastes as good as Fit Feels!'  I have gone back to that quote over and over again.  I don’t ever want to feel bad again and be restricted in my activities due to my weight so I keep pressing on toward my goal."

Motivation is the one thing that truly evolves on most people's health journeys. Or rather: our ability to remember that motivation when things get tough. Lisa hits the nail on the head when she taps into her past to help fuel her next move. Close your eyes, think about where you've come from and decide do you want to keep getting farther from that, or do you want to go back to that? Lean on your Health Educators for great quotes, or even imagine them sitting on your shoulder, if you need an extra boost of confidence!

She has a secret:
"My refrigerator dispenses water in precise measurements which you can easily select.  This has been a great tool for tracking my water intake. My blender bottle has been great for Protein Shakes."

Lisa knows what works for her - water. She knows the benefits of getting enough and her fridge makes getting the right amount easy and convenient. Everyone needs a good kitchen hack that helps eliminate excuses. 

She has support:
"Angela has provided support to enable me to stay on the plan and shift focus from trigger foods where necessary. She has assisted me with understanding my emotional eating patterns and changing those patterns. She has enabled me to understand the changes in my body image as I go through this process. I am very appreciative of her high level of support.  I look forward to working with her to finish the last milestone of my journey to reach my lifelong wellness goals."

People are social, we need support, accountability, and a place to share ideas. Total Nutrition Technology wants to be that for you. Be a part of the community - get involved by liking us on Facebook, Following us on Twitter or Instgram, Pinning with us on Pinterest, or Flipping with us on Flipboard. You can even subscribe to this blog to get the latest news sent right to your inbox. 

We're here for you. 

Lisa has impressed us with her endless focus, and incredible outlook on life. Not to mention the success she continues to experience as she reaches, exceeds, and sets new goals. Lisa, it is because of this that you are TNT's #wcw this week: we have a CRUSH on you!! 

Stay Hydrated with Potassium-Rich Foods

The conversation about the importance of staying hydrated often comes with recipes for infused water (which we love), but it is critical to also address the balance of electrolytes as part of this conversation. Sodium and potassium help to conduct the flow of the water you drink and without enough (or with the wrong ratio)... could be guzzling water without ever truly getting hydrated!

Most of our food contains plenty of sodium so it's important to pay attention to your potassium intake. The goal for most of us is about 3500mg of potassium per day.

**Unless you are in a special population (consult your Physician and Health Educator for more information), like runners, those with insulin-dependent Diabetes, or those with Kidney Disease, to name a few.**

If you tend to consume a diet higher in sodium (1800mg per day or more), and you do not have a condition in which you need to keep potassium levels lower, consider adding some of these foods to your daily routine! We've divided them by exchange group for your convenience. To determine how many exchanges you get per day, contact us!

Fruits Vegetables Starches Fat
Brussels Sprouts
Sweet Potatoes
Winter Squash

Hash browns are healthy? When you make them like this they are!

Wake Up to A Fresh Start: Hash Browns Remade

Photo by James Ransom of Food52 and TheFullHelping.Com

From the kitchen of Health Educator, Stephanie Matson, this recipe goes perfect with the "eat the rainbow" theme! "I've been making a sweet potato kale hash in the morning for breakfast a lot lately and it's delicious! It's also a great way to sneak in your vegetables." Thanks, Stephanie, for the great tip!!

  • 1 c. diced sweet potato
  • 1/3 c. diced red bell pepper
  • 1/4 c. diced onion
  • 1 c. chopped kale
  • 1/3 c. chopped mushrooms
  • 4 egg whites
  • 1 oz part skim mozzarella cheese
  • Seasonings to taste: salt, pepper, red pepper flakes (cumin & chili powder also really good with this)
  1. Dice up sweet potato and put into microwavable container- microwave for about 6 minutes or until easy to pierce with fork.
  2. Chop up red bell pepper, onion, and mushrooms. Spray nonstick skillet with olive oil spray/PAM and saute vegetables until soft.
  3. Once sweet potatoes are fully cooked, add them to the skillet of vegetables.
  4. Chop up the kale and add that to the skillet. Place lid over the skillet so the kale will wilt down and the potatoes can brown. This takes about 3-5 minutes (or until they have browned to your preference) 
  5. While this is cooking, cook egg whites in a separate pan. Once done, add to the skillet of vegetables and add desired seasonings and cheese. 
  6. Enjoy!

Adele's Weight Loss Secret Will Inspire You!

Adele Returns with New Songs and New Habits

Photograph by Theo Wenner

Adele has got it right! She's reportedly following a vegetarian diet to help her feel better about herself, but that's not the most important part of her new habits. It's her outlook that's impressed us. She's taken on a set of changes that she feels are moderate enough to sustain permanently! Go Adele!

In a new Rolling Stone interview, Adele says she's cut back on sugar, has only one alcoholic drink a week and is doing weights in the gym. "To get in shape for myself, but not to be a size zero or anything like that," she says.

To read more about Adele's new outlook on life, "from the other side of becoming an adult, making it out alive from [her] late teens, early twenties," click here!

To learn more about how to find the sustainable changes that will work for you, click here!

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